What We Do

Whether it is a residential canvassing campaign, talking to individuals at a booth in a mall, speaking to people on the street or at an event, or engaging small business owners, we ensure that the public receives an effective and informative presentation. Our Customer Acquisition Representatives receive extensive teaching and training to ensure they can best represent your organization. They do not receive a commission or a percentage of the donations that are given, but rather, in accordance with Imagine Canada and the AFP, they are paid an hourly wage for the work they do. Our representatives ensure donors are committed to long term monthly giving. We understand that it is this form of ongoing commitment that best supports your organization's work.

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Residential Canvassing

All of our Customer Acquisition Representatives wear clearly branded identification badges as well as carry authorized materials that explain the work of the organization they are representing. Approaching houses in residential neighbourhoods, their presentation is relaxed, respectful and non-invasive. It requires intelligence, assertiveness, commitment and self-awareness. The training we provide helps our Customer Acquisition Representatives to develop these attributes to their full potential. Because of this, prospective donors feel respected and acquire a much closer affinity to your organization and its cause. When people feel free to choose, and are equipped with the knowledge that their gifts are much in need, they are more likely to be generous and committed towards your programs.

Street Program

Our street campaigns take place on public streets in metropolitan areas where our Customer Acquisition Representatives approach passers-by and engage them in conversation. Street campaigns provide organizations with a varied donor base, and allow your brand to be seen regularly in high traffic areas. This allows us to not only secure donors on behalf of your organization, but to display your brand in a public marketplace.


Mall campaigns allow us to ask for support for your organization to people already looking to spend money! Our kiosks are staffed by teams of outgoing, committed individuals who represent your organization in a responsible and professional way, while abiding by standard mall solicitation rules. They successfully provide awareness to your cause by reaching out to members of the public passing by the kiosk, and inspire their support through monthly contributions. Like street campaigns, the mall campaign allows your message to be seen by a large audience.

Small Businesses

Our small business program allows us to target a donor demographic not often serviced in the non-profit sector. We target small to medium sized businesses, speaking with the business owner, and explaining to them the benefits of becoming a monthly donor of your organization. This allows you to gain their support in a small capacity, but allows you to steward them for many years to come, with the hopes of eventually garnering larger gifts.