Testimonials from our Clients

We have worked with TNI since 2014 and they have proven to be a great partner for our Door to Door Monthly Giving program. What makes TNI stand out among Door to Door fundraising providers is the quality of their canvassing team. The canvassers are knowledgeable and passionate about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and represent our monthly giving program well.

Jas Jhooty
Officer, Philanthropy

BC Childrens Hospital Foundation
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The Canadian Red Cross has been in the F2F sector since 2004. We have worked with TNI since 2010 and they have recruited over 65,000 new monthly donors for the Canadian Red Cross. TNI is our largest F2F partner and we value our relationship with them.

From the beginning, the TNI team has always been professional and collaborated with us on strategy and used their best practices and industry knowledge to lead a successful campaign. Year after year, TNI has delivered high performing results including a higher than average gift and strong return on investment.

It is a pleasure working with the TNI team including Jenny, Madeline, Sandrine and all of the staff in the field. They represent our brand with care, compassion and integrity. The Canadian Red Cross looks forward to a continued partnership with TNI for many years to come.

Melissa Winkler, National Manager of Face-to-Face Fundraising & Telemarketing
Manager, Monthly Giving
Canadian Red Cross

Red Cross
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The sponsorships we’ve obtained thru our decade long partnership with TNI are of the highest quality, long-term committed donors. They connect with our donors in a way that has been significant to our work. TNI continues to help us achieve our vision for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

Carolyn Soro
Director, Acquisition
Plan Canada

Plan Canada
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TNI works with WVC in helping us share the needs of children living in poverty with Canadians. Their representatives share our cause in an effective manner. We thank TNI for their ongoing commitment to our work and the children we serve.

Jeanette Shaheen, Director, Direct Marketing
World Vision Canada
World Vision
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