BC Childrens Foundation - Donor Testimonials

Please note all compliments shown are exactly as they were received for the sake of authenticity.
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Jul 2016

Ricky, a new donor, contacted the Feedback line to compliment Matthew for being caring and engaged while canvassing on behalf of BC Children’s Hospital adding, “He was awesome; he blew met away and the teddy bear was super cool too!”

Surrey, BC

Jun 2016

I recently had the opportunity of meeting a young man affiliated with BC Children’s Hospital, I do not know what his position is with this Foundation but he is most certainly a great asset. It became obvious to me within seconds of meeting this young man, BROCK, why he would be chosen for the required work he was involved in while in Campbell River. During my career as a Realtor/Property Manager we were deeply involved in this Foundation so I am familiar with its purpose. When Brock came to my home he encountered an overwhelmed female. Amazingly, at his age, he handled what I thought was a crises situation in seconds. I am forever grateful. Due to a very unpleasant experience days earlier I was unable to assist Brock with his goal. It is important to me to let his superiors know that this young man is caring, empathetic (a word deleted from our world today) and HONEST. If it is at all possible I would like you to forward a copy of this email to Brock as I did ask permission to send it. TREAT HIM WELL. IF THERE IS ANY SUCH THING AS ‘JOB WELL DONE’ ANYMORE THEN BROCK DESERVES THAT EXTRA PAT ON THE BACK. HE IS TRULY AN ASSET AND A DELIGHTFUL YOUNG MAN. PERHAPS HIS PARENTS ALSO DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK.

Amen, Shirley A. / Campbell River, BC

May 2016

Megan contacted the Feedback line to compliment Ryan for being a canvasser who really cared about the program he was representing. She stated that Ryan showed dedication and commitment and was a “nice young kid”. She also mentioned that Ryan left her with a bookmark and although she could not sign up monthly, she did go online and make a one-time donation to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Megan / Delta, BC

Apr 2016

Hello, I’d like to provide some feedback for Joseph who came to our door for the fund campaign. He was polite and friendly, he explained clearly about the fund raising for the Children’s Hospital. Although I didn’t contribute upon his visit for I have been donating to the BC Children’s Hospital, he didn’t seem to be frustrated or disappointed but asked me to provide some feedback. It was a rainy and cold night when he stopped by. I’d like to give him my kudos for being a good rep for the hospital.

Regards, David N. / Kamloops, BC

Mar 2016

A resident of North Vancouver contacted the Feedback line to praise Joseph for the fantastic job he did presenting and overcoming the objections she had about donating monthly to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The resident added, “He was very personable. I thought he was great.”

North Vancouver, BC

Feb 2016

A resident of Vancouver contacted the Feedback line to congratulate us on having Lue-Yih (Joseph) as a canvasser. He stated that Joseph was very clear and very kind in his explanation of the monthly donor program and stated that he and his family were happy to support BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. He also expressed his thanks to us and to Joseph for the visit

Vancouver, BC

Jan 2016

Just a quick note to thank you for your door to door campaign opportunity. Your Rep was very professional and her efforts were one of the reasons I chose to become a Sunshine Club member. Her name is Katerina. She does your organization proud and you have chosen her well!

With Thanks. David F

Mission, BC

Dec 2015

Hi there, we had a donor call in to compliment one of the canvassers that came to her door. Anna called to request donation information so that she could send in a cheque by mail and said that she would be making the donation because of canvasser Mitchell that came to her door last week. She said he was very kind and that she would have loved to have signed up for a monthly commitment but can’t afford it currently. She will be making a onetime donation because of Mitch and she wanted to make sure he was recognized for his hard work.

Nov 2015

A resident of Merritt contacted the Feedback line to relate that Lue-Yih (Joseph) was very friendly and super awesome to speak with about the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. She went on to say that Joseph was very knowledgeable about the program and answered all of her questions. She was also impressed with the way he was able to canvass in such cold weather.

Oct 2015

Hello there, I just encountered two women (Hannah & Nadhira) tasked with gathering financial contributions in my neighbourhood. Although I was unable to donate to the BC Children’s Hospital I was very impressed with how they campaigned on behalf of the organization: well spoken, informative and thoughtful in their presentation. I explained that I was housesitting and that although my neighbours had made great financial contributions that I was unable to and they were very understanding. I mentioned that in my line of work I get people donating to my workplace baby, infant and toddler clothing and that I typically send it to First United Church or Crab tree. Through great conversation they encouraged me to call the hospital to see if there is a need for clothing donations and if so I will make that my contribution.

Thanks, Eva

Sep 2015

A resident of Kelowna contacted the Feedback line to advise that Beverly was very good at explaining what BC Children's Hospital Foundation does and that she was a great source of information at the door. He went on to say that Beverly was doing a great job and doing great work on behalf of the Foundation.

Aug 2015

We had one of your representatives come to our door yesterday August 19. Alex was courteous. She respectfully delivered her message and didn’t oversell her request. I believe she is representing your agency well and that you have made a good choice to have her work on your behalf. She helped to remind me of my social responsibility to our community and our Province. Although I am unable to provide a monthly contribution I will make a donation.

Yours, Barry

Jul 2015

I wanted to take a minute to give you some feedback on Alex who visited me today to talk about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. I spent several years in sales and can say that Alex did an excellent job in presenting who BCCH is, what they are trying to accomplish, and what options were available to me to assist BCCH financially. Alex was professional and courteous, but most importantly remained persistent even though I was not in a position to become a sponsor today. If everyone who represents BCCH is of this caliber, I welcome a visit from them anytime!

Regards, Joseph

Jun 2015

I just had a rep come to my door. She was in Steveston, Richmond tonight – June 18, 2015. In any case, she was excellent and I’d like to pass on my compliments. I appreciated her enthusiasm and respectfulness. I’d also like to say that NOT doing the hard sell was very effective. I dislike being hit up for money at my door. However, I don’t mind hearing about efforts to raise money and being given information I can ponder. I liked how she just used her iPad to show me what the money being raised would be used for. In fact, because she did NOT pressure me for money and just seemed to be raising awareness, I promptly went to my computer after she left and made a donation.

May 2015


One of your canvassers, Jaeson, just spoke with me at the door and was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m a student and am not in a position where I can financially contribute now but if I had the means I’d definitely be excited to after what Jaeson said to me. He’s an excellent member of your team and I hope that is conveyed to him.

Best, Layne

Apr 2015

I wanted to drop a quick note to thank Amanda for sharing her passion door to door, informing people about the services of BC Children’s, and doing the difficult task of asking people for donations. I am already a monthly donor for two other causes, but Amanda made the decision to add BC Children’s to my list an easy one.

Sincerely, Radina

Mar 2015

Hi there, great compliment from a donor: “Just signed up for the monthly donation program through my business, and wanted to let you know how sweet this girl was at the door. She was very friendly, and represented you well. Just thought I’d let you know...nice to hear some positive feedback, not just when someone is unhappy. My gallery is called Little Gypsy’s Fine Jewelry, Gifts & Gallery, and that is where the donation will be coming from.”


Dec 2014

Hi. Just wanted to give you feedback on your rep, Danielle. She stopped by my place tonight and was very courteous, friendly and informative. She did not come across as pushy, was very polite and always had a smile on her face. Although I am currently unable to commit to the Sunshine Club Monthly Giving Program, Danielle has raised my awareness about this program. She’s definitely working hard to help raise donations for the Foundation’s needs. Keep up the good work and hope you guys get what you need!


Nov 2014

Hello, I just wanted to comment on Danielle’s superior service and just servant heart that she came with to my door this evening. She really was extremely genuine and it was really easy to talk to her. We really connected, she was just so personable and I could really tell what she is invested in what she is doing. Thanks so much for reading this.

Warmly, Sharaya

Oct 2014

Hi there, I just wanted to write and let you know what a fabulous experience talking to Joe and his partner was. From the get go, they were very personable, genuine, and passionate about helping. At first I was a little intimidated by Joe’s hulking physique and stature but once I realized he was a Maple Leafs fan I realized I was in the presence of a gentle giant.

Seriously though, the entire experience was cool and inspiring and Joe’s such a cool guy that it felt like coffee with an old friend.

Keep up the great work!

Jul 2014

Cassie and her trainee were wonderful! Very energetic about the BC Children’s Hospital and fully informative about all the things the money is going for. Their love of children was very apparent and you could tell they really felt and believed in what they were talking about. Awesome ladies, great asset to your staff. I loved these girls!


Jun 2014

Hi there, a resident left me a voice mail praising Taylor. She said that Taylor was very professional and did a great job of promoting BC Children’s Hospital and the monthly giving program. She said Taylor was very enthusiastic and the resident wanted to say kudos to the hospital for having such professional fund raisers working on our behalf. Please pass on the kudos to Taylor.

Thanks, Jas