Canadian Red Cross - Donor Testimonials

Please note all compliments shown are exactly as they were received for the sake of authenticity.
All personal information has been removed for security purposes.

Jul 2016

Hello! A few days ago, a young man named Fred came to us on behalf of the Red Cross. We met a very nice guy with strong interpersonal skills and passion for his work! We are certain that he is and will be a valuable asset for any organization and Canadian society in general! He has the type of personality and character that I would look for, if I was a manager and I would like to hire a quality person to work with the public.

Thank you! R.G. / Gatineau, QC

Jun 2016

Good afternoon! I just wanted to let someone know that Emily came by my home just now. She was friendly, positive and knowledgeable, and provided information for me about local programs that I didn’t realize were connected to the Red Cross! I can’t speak highly enough about her outgoing personality and demeanour. Unfortunately, due to a costly car repair yesterday I don’t have any funds available for discretionary spending currently, but will keep the Red Cross help at home online donation information on my fridge for when I do have the opportunity to give. Thank you for all that you do!

Deborah / Kingston, ON

May 2016

Good day, I’d like to share the great impression made on me by Anne, a Red Cross Rep, during her house visit tonight. She is a great person, no doubt, and she’s got excellent people skills. Anne listened to my concerns and shared her views, overall, at the same time, leaving a very positive image of the Red Cross, and making me feel good for helping others. For me this was the most pleasant conversation with someone who just knocked on the door, in years, if not ever. Thank you Anne, and thank you Red Cross.

Best regards, Sergey / King City, ON

Apr 2016

Hi: I just wanted to pass on a compliment regarding the Red Cross canvasser who came to our door last night. Veronica identified herself immediately when my husband opened the door. She was very knowledgeable about the programs that the Red Cross offers and was able to answer all of my husband’s questions. She was very polite and extremely articulate. After speaking with her for about five minutes, we decided to support the Red Cross with a donation of $30 a month. We spent about half an hour with her (our apologies for keeping her so long, but she was a very enjoyable young lady and it was a pleasure to speak with her) completing the online paperwork and going through the program again.

Thanks, Karen / Gloucester, ON

Mar 2016

Anne came by my house last week asking for donations for the Canadian Red Cross. To be honest, I wasn’t initially going to donate but after speaking with her, she convinced me otherwise. She showed me the great initiatives of the Red Cross, as well as her personal experiences. We had a good chat. She is a very warm and comforting individual and will succeed in whatever she wants to do. Thank you Anne, for visiting last week. You’ve made a lasting impact on my life. Continue to do what you’re doing, helping others, being involved, and just being you. You truly are an inspiration.

Thank you, Farhana / Milton, ON

Feb 2016

Hello Red Cross Team, it was a cold winter night when I responded to a knock at my door and met smiling Anne,
looking for Red Cross Responders. I was willing to make a one-time donation and shied away from the monthly commitment. Though I felt bad, I sent Anne away, wishing her best success. Settling down in front of my warm fire, a nagging feeling started to disturb my peace of mind. I could not stop thinking of that very nice young girl facing the wintery elements on a dark night doing her job with such enthusiasm, despite rejections. I could not stop thinking of the people out there that need the help and support of Red Cross. I quickly rationalized that the lump sum donation I was willing to make was just slightly less than the monthly payment plan. Without any further hesitation, I put my winter boots on, jumped into my car, determined to find Anne. I did...she was just up the road. I asked her to return to my home, offered her a hot cappuccino and we wrapped up the donation deal. Anne was like a ray of sunshine. Smart, articulate, well-mannered and appreciative. Though Anne would be a great loss to Red Cross, we hope she will find a teachers job real soon, we need teachers like her for our children. Thank you Anne, you are making a difference, well done.

Susanne / Innisfil, ON

Jan 2016

Last night, between periods in the hockey game, there came an enthusiastic knock on the door. This rarely happens especially on a winter’s night. My husband looked out carefully and was enchanted by a white bearded gentleman dressed in red. He also noticed his credentials clearly and thenopened the door. We invited him in to our vestibule and were happy to meet a rare find these days, a true gentleman. He introduced himself, showed us his credentials and clearly explained all of the details, stopping to allow us to ask questions. Lloyd was warm and gracious and we were very comfortable in making monthly donations. I wish the Red Cross and Lloyd a great year and much success! PS We were just in time for the beginning of the next period and our team won. Lloyd must have been a good omen!

Most Sincerely, Hazel
Pierrefonds, QC

Dec 2015

Hi there, Re: Your Red Cross fundraising representative, Caitlin. After signing up as a donor/sponsor, Caitlin told me that I can contact you, if I wanted to make any comments about how she did. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to let you know that Caitlin did a tremendous job. Being very reluctant with anyone that rings my door bell, I had many questions for her, which she answered in great detail. She was friendly, efficient and very informative. I have to admit that I kept her at my door for quite some time, with all my inquiries but she did a good job with satisfying all of my concerns, before I decided to go ahead and sponsor the Red Cross. Caitlin, it was a pleasure chatting with you.

All the best to you. Jeff

Nov 2015

Good morning, I wish to write an appreciation note on an excellent job done by one of your reps, I only know her by her first name, Claudia. Last evening, I answered to an energetic knock on my door. A young lady stood there with a wide friendly smile on her face although it was a cold and damp night. With that same energy, she introduced herself, and after some curious questions which made me smile, went on to explain the many ways one could support the Canadian Red Cross and the important work the organization does. Although, I explained to her that I was not able to contribute towards the cause due to a monthly donation I make towards World Vision, Claudia was not fazed. She continued to be upbeat, pleasant, and understanding throughout our conversation, and I was aware, and could not agree more with Claudia that the presence of the Canadian Red Cross is visible in many ways throughout the globe and the difference it makes in a person’s life. Claudia’s enthusiasm and commitment to the cause impressed me a great deal. Going door-to-door especially during our winter nights could not be easy, the person I met at my door yesterday, came across as one who is ready to knock on many more doors and change many minds to support the Red Cross. It was a pleasure to meet Claudia and I send my best wishes to her.

Sincerely, Sabrina.

Oct 2015

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Stacie and Alex knocked on our door Wednesday evening and were a delight to speak with. Both were very passionate and knowledgeable about the Red Cross and all the ways to help out locally. Alex was very personable and was able to make us feel at ease and comfortable/safe at the door, very professional. Stacie was also very personable and complimented Alex nicely. My children were very intrigued by the conversation at the door and were very impressed by Stacie and Alex. After Stacie and Alex left my children and I talked about ways to help locally and all the wonderful ways the Red Cross helps so many people in and around our community.
 If it were not for Stacie and Alex knocking at my door my children and I would have never had engaged in a “Teaching Moment” about the Red Cross. We are pleased to say that neither of them fell down the stairs, were peed on by our dog or knocked over our flower pots. Unfortunately at this time we were unable to sign up for your door to door campaign but will certainly keep you in mind in the new year. Thanks so much for knocking on our door, The W.’s

Sep 2015

Good evening! I just wanted to give a great big shout out to Stacie & Cody for their work with the Red Cross! The 2 reps came to my door around 7pm on Sept 18th. They were fun, energetic (while remaining professional) and extremely informative about the programs that the Red Cross is helping out with within our communities. They showed passion and made me feel excited about helping out and giving back. I normally will not deal with door to door solicitation as I am a mother and get asked for money on a daily basis but they managed to keep me interested! Way to go guys! Job well done!


Aug 2015

Cameron and Alex were very nice and outgoing. They came to my door and introduced what it was they were doing and told me what I would be able to help with. I thought they were really  nice they seemed to have enjoyed their mission to find responders to help the disasters in Canada. They explained very well about everything my donations would be helping, and being a Canadian who always felt our problems were being pushed out, I thought this would be a great thing to join I wouldn’t only be helping my country but I helped make Cameron and Alex feel successful! They are perfect for their job they deserve a nice dinner at Lone Star!

Jul 2015

Hello again, this is my second email to you as I have much to say and since there were two people that came to my door. This is an email about an employee named Sean. I had the great pleasure of meeting Sean and Ricard at my doorstep. I emailed about Ricard and his amazing work at my door. Sean was super informative of all that the Red Cross does and reassured me that my money would be going towards something beneficial. I felt relaxed and confident that by pledging with this organization that I would not be tricked into something sketchy. I was greeted with such amazing politeness. I did not feel at all that Sean was only looking atmy money but felt as if he wanted to make sure I was completely relaxed with my commitment. He seemed to be a perfect mentor for Ricard and was encouraging and enthusiastic. It is nice to feel that this was not just some job to get money but feeling that Sean was passionate made a difference in my pledge. I am happy that a wonderful team came to my door and changed my day.

Keep up the good work! Jen

Jun 2015

Hi Red Cross Canada. I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know about one of your door to door representatives. This was a lovely young lady. Her name is Mahshad. She was super friendly, bubbly, and eager to share with me the good works of the Red Cross in our local area. I told her I was not able to offer financial support at this time. Still, she answered all of my questions confidently and fully, and when she left I felt much more eager to support the Canadian Red Cross in the future. I was quite glad that I had opened my door to her.

May 2015

I recently met Sean, who was going door to door on behalf of the Red Cross. He did an amazing job at explaining why he was there and how we could help. I first offered money, which he most politely refused and proceeded to explain your monthly donation program. He was very funny and polite. He provided a lot of information, outguessing my questions most of the time. You could see that he really liked what he was doing and that he was proud of representing you. You have a really great young man working for you there!
Lorraine HB

Apr 2015

I just wanted to take a minute to provide some positive feedback. Graham came to my door tonight and was super polite. He overcame my objections about using an iPad (not my own) to make a donation without being pushy or rude. I feel that this kind of politeness and customer-service oriented approach to soliciting is wonderful. He never asked for cash either, he was very articulate and careful to use words like support,
instead of the cold cash type of request I so often get. I’d also like to say that I committed to donate, but when going through the process to do so, it came up that it was a monthly commitment. I asked about the minimum - he justified by first explaining what your support is used for, and how the monthly minimum allows that to happen, instead of focusing on the cost; he highlighted the positive. At this time, I wasn’t able to commit to
that. Despite ending up unable to support your cause, he continued to be kind, understanding and smiled. He thanked me for my time - and I got him some cold water (it was so warm out!). I hope all of your canvassers are of such a high caliber quality. Having done that job in the past, I appreciate that it isn’t easy - but he made it seem effortless. Just thought he’d appreciate hearing that from one of the many doors I’m sure he knocked on tonight.
Cheers, Krista

Mar 2015

Hello, I Just wanted to take a moment to share a bit about our experience with one of your door to door fundraisers this last week, so here it is: We had an unexpected visitor named Naunihal come to our house on the evening of March 11th that was representing the Canadian Red Cross and it was quite frankly an amazing experience. He was very informed about all of the amazing work that the Red Cross does here in Canada and overseas. He was incredibly enthusiastic about what he did, he was persuasive & persistent but not at all in a pushy way. I feel that Naunihal is a perfect person to have as a face to face fundraiser, he was incredibly knowledgeable, and we were able to talk at such depths about the issues that we are facing in our world today. From our conversation I got to the point where I felt compelled to help in any way I could. I love the work that the Red Cross does and I am happy that inspiring people like Naunihal are representing this organization! Please thank Naunihal for coming by our neighbourhood, he was such a pleasure to meet and talk with! May God bless you all in the work that you are doing.

Sincerely, Tanya

Feb 2015

I just wanted to write in to give feedback regarding a door-to-door program to raise monthly donations for the Red Cross. Jude came to my home and I signed up for a monthly donation with him. The process done via iPad and was very smooth and organized. Jude explained every step thoroughly and concisely. He was very knowledgeable about the process and his delivery was very professional. He was very polite and I never felt pressured in any way. He was so respectful and thankful that I must say I have never had the pleasure of making a donation like I did today. Jude is truly an asset to your organization. When I happened to mention that we sponsor 3 children through World Vision we chatted briefly where the children are from. At the end, he thanked us for sponsoring those children. He’s not with World Vision so why would he thank me you might think? I believe it’s because he is simply a truly good man who is happy to see the needy in this world get a helping hand. Walking door-to-door in -20 weather while still having a smile on his face and a cheerful manner. You can tell he is a hardworking man trying to do his job to the best of his ability. I hope he is recognized as the asset he is and given opportunities to progress within the Red Cross.

Sincerely, Cynthia

Jan 2015

Hi Red Cross! I just wanted to give some feedback on a young gentleman by the name of Dustin. Dustin dropped by my place recently to spread awareness and of course ask for donations to the Red Cross. He is very well-mannered, polite and seems to be a very genuine person with a driven attitude and full of motivation to help the Canadian Red Cross - all traits to be well admired. I had a great chat with him and look forward to hearing him help reach your organizational goals. He’s definitely one that will make it happen. Thanks to the Red Cross and to Dustin!

Regards, Alan

Dec 2014

I have nothing but good things to say about your canvasser Beverly who arrived at our doorstep on Sunday, Dec. 28 (I think) in Maple Ridge, BC. She was enthusiastic, warm, persuasive - in fact, she was one of the best door-to-door canvassers that I have ever met working for any organization in any city! I do wish that I could have signed on through her and donated money on a continuous basis to the Red Cross. Due to previous commitments, however (charity and otherwise), my husband and I felt we couldn’t donate at this level. I would like to reiterate, though, that I have nothing but high praise for your canvasser, Beverly. I would dearly loved to have been able to donate through her. Best wishes to her and to the Red Cross for the coming year!

Nov 2014

Hi, I just wanted to send in some very positive feedback for the Red Cross representative that came to my door yesterday evening. Maranda was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, ultra-efficient with my time, and quite obviously someone who cares deeply about the good works that she is doing. Keep hiring people like her.

Cheers, Chris

Oct 2014

Hello, on Monday October 27th, a gentleman by the name of Lloyd passed by my house. This good mannered man took the time to explain to me the importance of the Red Cross, and in particular the importance to donate for causes within Canada. It was a cold night, but he seemed very motivated to go door to door for something, I think, he truly believed in. I was not in a position to donate at the time of his visit, but am convinced to call in and make a donation. There are many great causes to donate to and this is one I cannot pass up. Thank you Lloyd for your time. Good luck!

Cheers! Pierre.

Sep 2014

 I would like to thank the Red Cross for all the support and dedication throughout the many years. Maranda has done an amazing job with the door to door services. She is out there in the rain promoting and has a great spirit. I would like to make sure she gets a pat on the back, very great energy.

Thanks Maranda.

Aug 2014

Good morning, I wanted to take the time to send you a couple of lines of feedback on one of your reps. Maranda came by my home yesterday evening. What a pleasant surprise that was! She was kind, interested, fun, lively, and on I could go. I did not sign up for the monthly donations but it was not because of lack of trying on Maranda’s part. She did her best, without being too pushy or insistent, which left me with a much more positive perception of Red Cross reps. Maranda was wonderful to meet and speak with.

Thank you. Michèle

Jul 2014

Hello, Brock popped by today to tell me all about Red Cross. He was very polite, and did exactly what one expects when looking for support for a charity. He is very personable, and is able to connect very quickly, which I think is great for that kind of job, as many are automatically very distrustful of door-to-door people, and he disarms that notion fairly quickly. He is a genuine guy working for a genuine organization, and I thought I’d let you guys know he is doing a great job.

Thanks! Nathan

Jun 2014

This is to inform you of the excellent representation of your organization by Graham. Graham demonstrated a professional attitude in his solicitation approach; he demonstrated an understanding of the programs that evoke interest for immediate solutions to the needs of people and their environment during tragedies. He was able to offer various possibilities to contribute now and in the future to the financing of the Canadian Red Cross. Thank you for your commitment to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Canada and everywhere in the world.


May 2014

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that Claudia was at my home today talking about the Red Cross and looking for donations. I want to let your organization know that she is a great representative for the Red Cross. She was extremely kind, informative and really took time to talk to me about the program. She was out canvassing in cold, rainy weather and really speaks about the program positively and you can tell that she truly believes in what she is doing. Though it is just not in our budget at the moment, I truly hope to be able to support the Red Cross sometime in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback.


Apr 2014

Hello! On April 11, 2014 Chelsea came to my house and I had an amazing experience. She informed me about all of the wonderful work that the Red Cross does both locally and internationally. She was incredibly enthusiastic and was persistent and persuasive to the perfect degree - I never felt pressured or uncomfortable - but I understood her motives entirely. Chelsea is an excellent person to have as a face to face fundraiser. We had a great conversation and shared thoughts on Red Cross’ work. She was incredibly knowledgeable up to date with facts and statistics and was able to answer all of my questions. I love the work that the Red Cross does and I am happy that inspiring people like Chelsea are representing the organization! Please thank Chelsea for coming by our neighbourhood, she was a pleasure to meet and talk with!

Thanks again, Bianca

Mar 2014

I am resident of Kingston, ON, Canada. On Friday March 21st, 2014, during the afternoon, I knock came on my door. It was a representative of your organization. She had been going around, door to door, to let people know of what your cause was all about. It was cold out, and she was dressed like she was waiting for a blizzard to storm through. She explained to me the importance of helping others in need, and was very professional with the entire matter. I had to turn down the offer though, because of personal reasons, but I was very impressed with her overall performance. She informed me that I could e-mail my feedback, and just give some depth into my experience in dealing with someone from the Red Cross. Please let Maranda know that I appreciate the fine work she is doing, and that I hope she continues to do so.

Sincerely, Bobby

Feb 2014

Hi there,

I was recently approached at my door the other day by a Red Cross canvasser, and I’ll be honest, usually it’s in one ear and out the other pretty quick. This canvasser’s name was Andrea, and I knew of the organization but not much in regards to what the Red Cross is about or what they offer. Anyway, she was extremely knowledgeable and informative on all aspects. It’s not every day you get someone in this field who is personable and friendly but doesn’t make you feel pressured. Although for personal financial reasons, I was unable to donate that particular day, I will definitely be looking into supporting the Red Cross in the future and just thought that quality work and service like this should not go unacknowledged!


Jan 2014

Hi! I had the pleasure of having Maranda come to my door last night. I just wanted to let you guys know that she’s doing a great job. I’ve worked in the service industry for almost 15 years now and as somewhat of an expert I can tell you that she is excellent at her job. She is polite, quick and extremely personable. Her ability to relate to the person is remarkable. I personally think it’s due to her pleasant, outgoing and bubbly personality. I spent the better part of ten minutes talking with her at the door and her pitch was perfect. She related all the pertinent information within the first minute or so. Honestly her best quality is that she engages the customer by asking a non intrusive question right at the beginning of the conversation. Finally there is absolutely no pressure in her request for donations. Please pass on my best wishes to her and her supervisor.



Dec 2013

I just wanted to send an email to let you know that I had two lovely canvassers at my door today requesting donations for the Canadian Red Cross. Victoria Morning and Kateri Lawson were personable, professional and did an excellent job of representing the organization. In this day and age it’s tough to go knocking on doors and even tougher to get your foot in the door - both of these young women were able to express the mission of the organization and to drive home the importance of donating on a monthly basis. I have been a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross for a number of years now and was impressed with both of these women. Here’s hoping they’ll get some kudos for their work.

All the best, Cathy

Nov 2013


I would like to send some feedback in regards to a visit that I received tonight from James Dean. First things first, when I opened my door... I was completely expecting to be sold something. I enjoyed the fact that James decided to build rapport with me first by asking what I thought about kids and keeping the conversation light. I have some small dogs and they really wanted to get out of the door to meet whoever was outside. James was incredibly nice about their wild barking and even pet one of the dogs. He continued to tell me about why he was at my door today, showed me pictures of 3 small children. Obviously, this evokes an emotional response and you certainly have someone who is able to connect with others emotions. In the end, I told James that I wouldn’t be interested today, simply due to the fact that I devote my extra time and funds to another organization as I am a part of, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and I have been matched with a child for more than 5 years and I am very dedicated to this. I appreciate the fact that he didn’t make me feel bad about this decision and actually said words of encouragement.

James is an incredible door to door sales person. If I could hire him at my business, I would. He is certainly a great asset to your company and believes in what he is doing for your organization. Simply put, he is an inspiration and a breath of fresh (maybe chilly) air.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this feedback,


Oct 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

A couple of days ago, I was cooking dinner and I had a knock at the door. I had my daughter answer the door as my hands were covered in breaded chicken cutlets. This was the day our family met Justin Cruz. He was so personable and charismatic that he had all of us laughing. His opening line extremely creative, and he was straight to the point and the information was clear, and he took the time to actually care about what he was speaking about. It was refreshing to meet someone who not only was confident and friendly, but he also cared about what he was canvassing for. Unfortunately, we as a family have been stretched thin with our finances and have no more expendable income. He was understanding and wasn’t pushy about it. I truly believe that canvassers should be more like him. It is nice to see that he truly has a goal and wants to make a difference in the world.

Sincerely, Monique

Sep 2013

Hello, I was recently visited at my doorstep by one of your Canvassers. I wanted to take the time to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed by both her professionalism and the passion with which she did her job. Canvassing for donations is difficult, but she handled herself extremely well - she did an excellent job explaining the importance of the work of the Red Cross in Canada, and in answering my questions. In my opinion, she is an incredible asset to your organization. It would be great if you were able to forward this message to her supervisor. She deserves to be recognized for her great work.

Best regards, Sarah

Aug 2013

Good morning,

A couple months ago Cheryl came to our door asking for donation support for the Canadian Red Cross. I apologize it has taken until now for me to send you my feedback regarding her visit. Cheryl was very energetic and knowledgeable about the Canadian Red Cross and I was happy to sign up for a monthly donation. I particularly like the fact that our contribution will go to the Canadian community. Sometimes we forget that people at home need some support in trying times such as the Calgary flooding and I am proud to contribute to the help the Canadian Red Cross provides nationwide.

Keep up the excellent work and Go Canada Go!

Jul 2013

Good Evening,

I wanted to pass along a comment regarding the Canadian Red Cross representative that attended at my home today. His name is Emmanuel (Lumbala). Emmanuel appeared at our door to ask for contributions to the Red Cross monthly donation program. He was very courteous and fully explained the program and why it was being presented. During the discussion he appeared knowledgeable and involved in the program. In addition, he was continuing his door to door presentation even though the weather was not very co-operative and to be honest no one needed to be out canvassing in the conditions he endured. I tip my hat to his perseverance and take this opportunity to commend him on his efforts to raise funds and awareness for the Red Cross. Emmanuel is definitely an asset to your canvassing group and I hope that he has an opportunity to be informed of his positive efforts. Please ensure that this note is included in your records on behalf of Emmanuel’s positive contribution.

Sincerely, D.

Jun 2013

Good afternoon.

First of all, I’d like to start off by stating that when my doorbell rings in the evening and I am not expecting anyone, I almost always shudder. The seemingly never ending stream of canvassers this time of year just makes me want to avoid answering the door altogether. I have to say that tonight, for the first time ever, I was more than happy to have answered my door! I was quickly and cheerfully greeted by Radu (Mavrodin) and Jenna (Cadigan). Their smiling faces and down-to-earth demeanor were evident from the start. They showed a genuine interest in my family, pets and spoke so nicely to my 2-year-old son. What a pair! Both knew their material very well, which was refreshing as well. They kept the conversation rolling and appropriate to my lifestyle and decisions (ex Swimming lessons for kids). When I explained that being a stay-at-home mom with currently minimal income, they were very understanding. Also, they were excellent sales people offering potential alternatives for me to be able to assist. Unfortunately my circumstances at this time do not allow for me to commit to contributing - which broke my heart to tell them! They were just so honest and are clearly focused on helping out. They were both very gracious in accepting my lack of ability to further assist, and did not just run off to the next house. This was possibly the best part! A conversation had been started, and they both ensured that it was continued and followed-though to a proper, and natural conclusion. What a difference from the norm! If only every person that came to my door could be a Radu or a Jenna - heck, find a way to clone these two and you can have nothing but amazing canvassing teams to send out. I don’t normally go on like this, however I felt it was necessary. Radu and Jenna took me from someone who just wants to hide behind my door and “just make it stop” to someone who would have happily invited them into my home for snacks and a chat. Thank you for sending them to me - they made a difference in how I feel about canvassers and I am certain they will do a great job of raising funds for the Canadian Red Cross. In the future, when I am back to work with a steady income, I will certainly look to donating to the Red Cross, not only because you offer great services but because of the experience I had this evening. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Jenna and Radu for having stopped to take the time to talk to me tonight.

Warm regards, Jeannine

May 2013


I was very pleased to speak to Matt Machado tonight during his canvassing of our community for the Canadian Red Cross. He was a well spoken, polite and sincere young man. I was happy to donate to the monthly program. I appreciate the special touch that door to door canvassing gives so that we have the time to get to know details of the programs and ask questions from knowledgeable canvassers such as Matt. And what an appropriate position for him to consider as he trains in the medical field! I feel much more compelled to support programs who have a personal touch! Keep up the good work with your canvassing strategy and more importantly in all the good work that the Canadian Red Cross does for our community.



Apr 2013

Hi there,

I would just like to send along a note to say that I had a wonderful experience with your representative Kenneth and would like to pass along my thanks. I’ve done work in the past through such organizations as Plan Canada and Oxfam, and was supposed to travel to Guatemala this past week on a service trip with Orphan Resources International. Due to work commitments and other (dumb) reasons, I had to cancel my trip and watch the photos pour in from my teammates doing the work I wanted to be doing so badly. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling pretty useless sitting at home and doing nothing but my corporate job, helpless to the suffering going on here at home and abroad. Kenneth came to my door, and even though it was foggy and damp and grey and miserable outside, he was smiling from ear to ear (amazing, considering the amount of harsh rejection he probably receives) and offered me exactly what I was looking for: an affordable way to help people with everyday needs. He was incredibly polite, enthusiastic and informative. He talked me through all the details without overwhelming me, and I could tell he genuinely cared about what he was talking about. Refreshing. This is all a very roundabout way of saying that I’m now a new sponsor of Canadian Red Cross, and happy to be. Please pass my thanks along to Kenneth; the world would be a sunnier place if more people had his energy and enthusiasm for change.

All the best, Emily

Mar 2013

To Whom it May Concern;

This is just to inform you that we were very impressed with your canvassers yesterday (Chateauguay region) We appreciated that they were clearly visibly from Red Cross. Scott and Donald were beyond pleasant. Very friendly. They explained everything and even gave us some time to discuss as we have been donating to many different causes. To make a monthly commitment is just too much for us right now. They were wonderfully understanding and didn’t push. It is for this reason that when we are able, it will be an easy decision to donate to the Red Cross. When people come to the door we never know what we are going to deal with however these two gentlemen should be commended for their pleasant nature and dedication to the Red Cross. They are wonderful representatives of your organization.

Thank you

Feb 2013

The other day, a door to door employee of yours named Patrick came to my home to discuss the Red Cross and your latest endeavours. I respectfully declined and Patrick was light hearted and humorous and kind about it and made me feel understood. He left a great impression at that point for himself and The Red Cross. He then left and went to the next house. A few minutes later, I hopped in my car and got stuck in a snow bank when I was pulling out and he came back and helped me to try to get out for at least 15 minutes. He pushed for a while, he took the shovel I got from my house and tried shovelling me out, and he even got some ice salt from a neighbour and tried to put that around my tires to help me out. It was cold out and I was frustrated and he was the only one around. Without his help, who knows how long I would have been stuck there. Patrick gave me a Canadian Red Cross bookmark when I asked him how I could contact you guys to praise his efforts. He did a great job representing your company as a human and an employee. He had already made a great impression on me with his friendly approach and good energy and then he further earned my respect with his above and beyond the call of duty assistance… especially since it was very cold out and he had already been cold from going door to door. I wanted to make sure you knew what a great staff member you have on your team and that he should be commended for his humanitarianism.

Thanks so much, R.

Jan 2013

I wanted to provide you with feedback on your rep. The rep’s name was Brock Drost and he visited my door this afternoon canvassing for the Red Cross. I canvass for another organization myself and work professionally in the customer relationship management field and I thought he was excellent! He was pleasant, upbeat and friendly. He had proper identification on him and identified himself and the reason for his visit right away. He was able to make his pitch personal by relaying his own experiences with the Red Cross and displayed the utmost professionalism. Brock was probably the best canvasser I have had visit my home in years! GREAT JOB!

Oct 2012

Scott, a Red Cross representative, came to our door in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, for a second year. We remembered him right away for a few reasons. First, he is very polite and friendly. Second, he looks amazing, dressed head-to-toe in fabulous Red Cross apparel. Third and most importantly, he is so very enthusiastic and passionate about the Red Cross. We couldn't let another year go by without commending him for an incredible job done. You should be very, very proud to have Scott represent you.

Sincerely, Chad.

Sep 2012

A wonderful man. Lloyd rang my doorbell this week. He was wonderful. Explaining that he is not looking for money up front, but just if I wanted to donate on a monthly basis. He fully explained where the money was going and how it helped local people, people in our communities. When I explained to him that I am not in the position at the moment to donate because of medical issues, he did not brush me off or turn to leave. You need to clone this man and have them out canvassing the streets of Downtown Montreal. Thank you for sending this man out to the people. He really educated me! And my way of paying it forward is to tell as many people as I can about this part of the Red Cross program. Thank you for doing all that you do, especially Lloyd.


Jul 2012

Dear Canadian Red Cross, it was a pleasure meeting Dmitry today when he canvassed our neighborhood. Dmitry is a very personable, friendly, and intelligent young man who did an excellent job of describing the work that the Canadian Red Cross is doing and how I could help. It was my pleasure to meet with him and have agreed to become a monthly supporter of the Canadian Red Cross. I think he is an excellent Red Cross ambassador and an asset to your organization. Please do feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my feedback in more detail.

Regards, Christine.

Jun 2012

Hi There,

I just wanted to share some feedback regarding one of your reps I met the other day. Wow! He was fantastic. Josh is very personable and in no way badgering like most people are selling on the streets. Just wanted to say thanks for choosing to bring someone so ‘real’ and approachable to increase awareness for the Canadian Red Cross and ultimately increase your charitable donations – it’s great to see!

Cheers, Lizzy

May 2012

A couple of weeks ago, a man named Barry came to my door looking for monthly donation to Red Cross. As it happens, I already am a monthly Red Cross donor, and I will also leave the Red Cross a bequest. Barry was the first Red Cross canvasser that has come to my door (I am self employed and work from home). I told him that I was very knowledgeable about Red Cross. He mentioned that he was enjoying canvassing for Red Cross and respectfully asked if I could give him any tips about how he could fundraise better. We spoke for between 10-15 minutes, with my giving examples of stories and messages that traditionally work better with Ontario, and Barry telling me about his own training, the persons whom he has spoken with whose lives have been positively impacted by Red Cross, and sharing some challenges and what is working for him, we tossed many ideas around on how to fine-tune his messaging. I was very impressed with Barry’s knowledge about Red Cross programs, his passion and his professional demeanor. I thought I’d take the time to say that in Barry you made a great hire. I wish you well in your canvassing efforts.

All the Best, Marlena

Feb 2012

Hi I am writing this letter to inform you that the door to door representatives for Red Cross did a fabulous job today as well as yesterday coming to my house. I was interested when Scott Booth spoke to my family and I about the program yesterday February 20th, 2012. However I needed some time to make my decision. Scott informed me that if I preferred, he could come back at a later date to give me some time to think about it. Today, February 21st, 2012 Scott demonstrated his reliability by following through with his word and stopping by the house a second time. All the representatives remained friendly smiling and making eye contact. There was also an element of professionalism as the representatives shook our hands at the beginning of the visit, and thanked us at the end of each visit. In all I have decided to help by donating to the Red Cross starting March 15th, 2012. Thank-you for the representatives you have chosen to send out to this region, they did an amazing job, and I appreciate their work and the work you do.

Regards, Danielle

May 2011

Hi, I'm sending this note to let you know about the fantastic job that two of your door to door canvassers are doing. We live in Pierrefonds, Quebec, and we were visited earlier this week by Scott and Eileen (not sure of their last names). As Eileen was new on the job, Scott did most of the talking and I have to tell you....this young man is very passionate, compassionate, enthusiastic and overall a very good spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross. He impressed us greatly - he was very informative and yet not aggressive or overbearing. He is obviously very motivated by this cause and believes greatly in it. His energy and enthusiasm come through very clearly. He has made us think about the fact that there people right in our own neighbourhoods who need help. When we think of charity, often it's the third world that comes to mind, or places hit by disasters or war. We don't often think locally - in fact, when we look around our own neighbourhoods, we don't see people who need our help; we see the people that we think are better off than ourselves. So, it was a different perspective that Scott brought to us this week - he made us realize that there are people in our midst who need our support. While my husband and I have not had the chance to discuss our plans for helping the Red Cross and have not come to a decision on it, I did want to send you this letter of commendation to tell you how much we appreciated Scott's visit and to let you know that we feel he is doing a fantastic job spreading the word about your mission to help locally. Great job Scott!!! Thank You. Rita.

Nov 2010

I live in the West end of Montreal (West Island ) Quebec. I just wanted to send you some feedback on a meeting my wife and I had with one of your Red Cross representatives recently. Her name is Melissa; she was very polite and very pleasant to talk to. Although she was quite young, My wife and I were ever so impressed with the depth, sensitivity, and true genuine beauty of her soul and character. Most teenagers and people alike are a rare find in today's self serving and selfish society. It was a real treat and breathe of fresh air to encounter such a selfless giving spirit. Her passion for her work and unmistakeable professionalism are obviously a great asset to The Canadian Red Cross. Someone of this calibre definitely needs to be recognized and lifted up in this organization, in order to tap in to this wealth of joy and spirit that my wife and I experienced on that day.

In closing, it would be a privilege and honour to support the Canadian Red Cross knowing that there are treasures of wonderful employees like this in this.

Yours Truly,

Grant and Mary