Plan International Canada - Donor Testimonials

Please note all compliments shown are exactly as they were received for the sake of authenticity.
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May 2016

Hi there, I am writing to follow up on the visit we had from a representative of yours named April. April visited our home the evening of Friday, April 29. She was very professional in her presentation, and didan excellent job informing us about Plan Canada. She was well-kept and neat in appearance, and she was very personable and polite. When I answered the door, she introduced herself and showed her credentials. As April explained about Plan Canada to me, she showed me profiles of children who were in need of sponsorship (like an older boy born in 2003). She answered all the questions I had about sponsorship as well. I was alone with my daughter at the time she came to the door, and generally I don’t talk to people who canvass. However, I found April to be very friendly and felt at ease speaking with her and giving her time to explain about Plan Canada. I indicated to April I needed to discuss sponsorship with my husband, and she offered to come back a few hours later. She did return at the time she promised, and chatted with my husband. While at that time we did not choose to pursue sponsorship, it is something on our to-do list down the road when we are in a better financial position, as my father and stepmother have been sponsors for the past 10 years and find it very rewarding. Thank you for having reps like April on your team canvassing for such a great cause.

Kind Regards, Katrina & Josh / Edmonton, AB

Apr 2016

Good Evening, Galen, one of your Plan Canada representatives, came by my house this evening. He was very friendly and personable. He was nice and explained everything I needed to know about the program and signed me up. Keep up the great work!

Nicole / Edmonton, AB

Mar 2016

Hello, Grace and Peace, Greetings to you. I have just become a sponsor with Plan International. I am originally from Zimbabwe and I have worked with Plan International in Zimbabwe in several districts. I was excited when a young gentleman came to the door and nicely talked to me about how good it is to give children a future. Justin is a very nice and professional young man. One of the best I have met in North America. With young people like Justin as Plan International’s foot soldiers who put their boots to the ground to find sponsors and give the children a future. Plan International will continue giving hope and being a beacon of hope for the world. God bless you and especially Justin.
God bless you, Lloyd / Pincher Creek, AB

Feb 2016

Hi There! Just wanted to relate my impression of a couple of your canvassers who were in my area a few days ago. Freddie and Ahmed were engaging, informed and passionate concerning child sponsorship. Freddie in particular was well versed in your programs and contributions. Though I am engaged elsewhere in this vein of giving, I wanted you to know that these two are carrying your message beautifully!

All the best, Ingrid / Halifax, NS

Jan 2016

I just want to let you know that a representative, Beau, came to my house and explained the program to me. He did a great job and encouraged my participation. I appreciate well trained, polite and professional representatives like him.

Great job Beau! Thank you PLAN! Stefane.
Sherwood Park, AB

Dec 2015

Good Morning. We had a pleasant experience from one of your representatives on Friday evening, December 4th, 2015. We wanted to pass along some feedback. We currently sponsor 1 Plan Canada child as well as 2 World Vision children. The quality that Channel demonstrated, was although she well understood we were not going to add another sponsorship, it didn’t stop her from telling us all of the good work Plan Canada does for children, and how we could visit, taxable donation etc. She seemed very well versed in all the qualities your organization does for children around the world. Typically as soon as these folks understand you’re not going to take on any more, they thank you and leave. Channel was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely serious about Plan Canada and the goals the organization is striving for. We have never provided feedback for any door to door soliciting, however, Channel really stood front and centre from any others, therefore, we feel it necessary to recognize her above and beyond efforts.

Many thanks, Don and Lynn

Nov 2015

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamisha and Justin tonight, on a snowy and blustery night in Cochrane. Even though it was a nasty evening they were in good spirits. They were pleasant, informative and respectful and it was a pleasure to learn more about Plan Canada’s work with finding sponsors for girls and to be able to sign up to sponsor a girl from the Philippines. Tanisha was new and obviously eager to learn and Justin was good and showing her the process of signing up a sponsor. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.


Oct 2015

Today Justin stopped by my house and he was an amazing rep for you guys. I’ve had people from similar organizations come to my house and try to get me interested but without really explaining how my donation could help a child. He asked me out of education, water, sanitation, and healthcare, which one did I feel the most strongly about helping. I chose education and he explained how my donation can help not only the child, but his family, future family, and the community. What was also nice, was that he wasn’t pushy. He just seemed to want people to know about the organization and how they can help, even if it wasn’t from him. He was personable, kind, and funny. Hands down, one of the best representatives I’ve ever seen for a organization. If more organizations had reps like Justin, I probably would be spending a lot more money on donations to various organizations. I’ve never been one to write feedback before, but he was so good and seemed so interested in the cause that I had to write you guys to let him know he is great. Thanks and hope you guys let him know that he has a glowing review from me! Have a great day! Carley

Sep 2015

Hello my name is Lane and I just wanted to say that I had a great chat with Steve from your organization today. He was a very personable young man with an outgoing personality and we had a very enjoyable chat. He is very well suited for his work! God bless you all in this very important work you are doing!

Aug 2015

Hello, I just had a canvasser named Pouya stop by. Though I could not commit to sponsoring a child today, I just wanted to compliment Pouya on his passion for the cause and the organization, and his friendly and personable approach to his job. You are very fortunate to have him working for your organization.

Sincerely, Leslie

Jul 2015

Hello, just wanted to provide some feedback for one of your reps, Pouya. He was an awesome rep for this organization. He was very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Most of all, he was a great person. Please let him know how awesome he is!
Thanks, Peter

Jun 2015

Today I had the pleasure of dealing with Pouya. He came to my house early in the evening to explain what it would mean to be a Plan sponsor and how I could help. I had seen the commercials in the past but never put a thought towards it. Pouya was very personal and informative about the program and left me with a few things to think about, I don’t have the personal funds on me to make a donation, but due to him will certainly be considering it in the future. I hope this gets passed along to the right people so they know he is an employee worth keeping and has done a wonderful job representing the program.
Cheers, Ryan

May 2015

I am writing this email to compliment one of your Canvassers. I am not particular to door to door Canvassing, let alone write a review about them. However I will say that she was a pleasure to talk with. She represented your organization very professionally and delivered your sponsorship program very clearly. It was a pleasure to actually have someone with spirit and actually believe in what they were promoting come to the door. Although I did not sponsor a child today, it was not due to your rep’s performance. I currently donate to another charity at this time and have made my donations for this year already. I will defiantly consider you’re program next year.
Regards, Chris

Apr 2015

Hello Plan Canada & TNINetwork Team, My wife (Jackie) and I met with one of your Reps yesterday, April 23, 2015, by the name of Amenawon when she was canvassing in our area of the city (Edmonton). After listening to her presentation and explanation of the Plan Canada Child Sponsorship Program, we decided to sponsor a child from Ecuador by the name of William. We just wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback on Amenawon for your information. She was very pleasant, friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable about the Plan Canada Program and Child Sponsorship. She was very passionate in her communication and promotion of how individuals/families like us can help support children in need in the developing world. We had very positive interaction and would like to commend her for promoting the program. In our opinion, she presented the Plan Canada program information well. We are pleased to sponsor a child from Ecuador. We look forward to further information from Plan Canada. Thank you!
Our Regards, Moses & Jackie

Mar 2015

Good Evening, I am writing in regards to the Rep Breton. This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Breton. From the minute he knocked on my front door to the minute he left, I had a smile on my face! With an enthusiastic personality and a passion for his job, he had me from hello. Breton was able to answer all of my questions regarding Plan as well as provided me with every bit of information I needed. Thanks to Breton, I am now the sponsor of a young boy from Ethiopia. It is very refreshing to meet someone who cares so deeply for others. Without people like Breton going door to door asking for small acts of human kindness, the world would TRUELY be a depressing place. Thank-you Breton for coming to my door this afternoon and thank-you for making the world a better place- one person at a time. God Bless you, Breton- we really do have angels among us!

Sincerely, Sara

Feb 2015

I was visited by an employee representing your organization about three weeks ago. One evening, Steve rang my doorbell and immediately got me interested in supporting your organization. He was very courteous, friendly, and gave all the facts. As the conversation progressed, I gave him every excuse in the book of why I couldn’t become a sponsor, and he deflected them very well - while changing my mind and making me want to become a Plan sponsor. Overall, Steve comes off as very capable and mature for his age and is a very good negotiator. Steve represents your organization very well, and I only expect bigger and better things out of him in the future.

Regards, James

Jan 2015

Hi, last week a Plan Canada canvasser, Steve, came to my door. He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and respectful. Not only did he share and inform, he paid attention. I valued his insight, honest care in what I had to say, and additional attentiveness to my 2 year old son. Several years ago, through the same canvassing process, I was inspired to sponsor a boy in Nicaragua. Thanks to a wonderful visit from Steve, I am now a proud sponsor of a second Plan Canada child, a lovely girl from Kenya. Thank you Steve. GREAT people make GOOD choices EASY!

Cheers, Lauren

Dec 2014

Hi, just wanted to write a quick note about the rep from Plan Canada who visited me today. Breton was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions directly and to the point. No beating around the bush or side stepping things that I thought were important. He was very friendly and was a pleasure to chat with. And even though it was so cold out, he still had a smile on his face. You could tell that he really believes in your organization and what it stands for. It was a pleasure meeting him and hearing about your organization.


Nov 2014

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with your rep Lawrence. He was very polite and full of life. While we cannot afford to sponsor a child at this time, he did a great job of answering all my questions and sparking an interest in sponsoring a child when our budget would allow us to do so. I am impressed with his drive (especially walking around in the cold) and I look forward to one day being able to be part of the Plan program.

Regards, Amy

Oct 2014

Hello, I just wanted to send a compliment and thank the canvasser who came by my house tonight in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. His name is Breton. He was a very thorough and knowledgeable man, and was able to answer all of my questions in regards to divisions of funds. He also gave really good information about Plan Canada’s stance on gender equality, something that I feel strongly for, and had no idea Plan Canada supported so much. I had looked into sponsoring a while ago and it was something that was in the back of my mind but it is something I am definitely going to make a priority now.

Thank you, Devin

Sep 2014

Hello! Yesterday a man came to our door to speak to us about sponsoring a child. As much as we wanted to sponsor, this is not something we could do at the moment and hopefully we will be in a better situation in a year. Dustin was friendly, knowledgeable and yet understanding to our case as we were to his. He spoke of different ways we could view the situation in order to find a way to afford sponsoring. He was not pushy nor rude. We were happy to write this email commending him on his efforts.

Blessings, Tamara

Aug 2014

Hello, I am writing to say we had a visit from your field representative Zach. He is one of the best “door-to-door” people who have come by in a long time. He is confident, friendly and extremely passionate about his work with your organization. It is very refreshing to see that kind of enthusiasm these days. My husband and I see a great future for Zach, he’ll be very fulfilled, happy and successful in any endeavor he chooses. Plan is very fortunate to have Zach on the team.

Thank you for the opportunity to give you our thoughts, Janet

Jul 2014

Hello, today I sponsored a child. Although I have been thinking about it for a while, I never did “get around to it”. And to be frank, I probably never would have until someone came to my door and talked to me about it, showed me a picture, told me directly where my money would go, and how it would affect the life of the girl in the picture. (To that end, door to door works. It puts the issue in the hands of people, not just on the TV) I knew most of the issues: Food, water, clothes, school and healthcare, but the big thing that surprised me was learning about the importance of birth certificates. As people are inherently lazy, and I am no better, I was basically waiting for someone to come to my door asking to help out. Didn’t have to sell too much to get me to sign. But, still, Kyle was definitely a great guy to send. I can sit here and list all the great things about his demeanor and his boss will give him a pat on his back (hey boss, you still should) because he used all the selling techniques that he was taught: relate to the person, don’t seem pushy, relax, humor, foot in the door. I’m not going to deny that he sold the idea. He has great overall people skills which definitely helps out. But I do want to mention one thing that stands out over all of that: his passion. He really did seem like all he wanted to do, was help out. He wanted to make a difference. He cares about the future of these kids and sees how we can help them. It’s refreshing to see the guys of my generation who just want to make a positive difference. So props to Kyle, you are making a difference, keep it up!

Jun 2014

 Your representative, Niki, came to my door this evening and gave a phenomenal presentation on behalf of your organization. Not only was she extremely friendly but also very knowledgeable about how your organization operates, both in providing for the children that the donations are supporting and how the donations help support administration costs. Niki gave off the impression of being very genuine with her desire to help children in less fortunate countries and it was very clear that she believes this is a great organization to do it with. Unfortunately, my reason for not signing up on the spot was that I prefer to research things before I sign up for anything. Had this not been the case, I would have definitely signed up simply because Niki seemed very passionate towards this cause. She definitely deserves recognition for doing an excellent job!

Thanks, Clay

Apr 2014

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your young rep this evening. He was very knowledgeable, respectful and very professional. Even though at first I thought he was from EPCOR or Direct Energy trying to sell us rates I attempted to direct him away. He did not argue but was very respectful and thanked me for my time. When I realized what it was about I called him back and apologized for being short and not giving him the opportunity to speak or say why he was here. I am a social worker and I am happy to see when young adults are out trying to get support for the unfortunate ones who need help to survive. I wanted to say thank you and I was very impressed by this rep’s professionalism, respect and his approach and presentation for this organization. The rep name is Jamol. Once again it was a pleasure speaking to Jamol. He is definitely a great asset to your organization and I wish there were more young adults out there that could present themselves in a mature and respectful manner, which shows great character and work ethic.

Thanks, K.

Mar 2014

Good day, I would just like to send a note telling you how impressed I was with canvasser Zach. He came to my door representing TNI, and was very energetic, positive, and most of all polite. It is evident that he is passionate about what he does, and was very informative and reassuring, especially taking time to ask how I felt about things, if I had any questions and making sure I was comfortable and familiar with everything he was saying. I found him charismatic and funny, and I would hope that you consider yourselves lucky to have someone so intelligent and positively motivated on your team.

Kind regards, Jill

Feb 2014


Last night a girl came to my door to speak to me about sponsoring a child. I had a long day and was a bit rude to her and asked her to come back. She was extremely pleasant and upbeat and said she would. About 3 hours later, she came back. I have always wanted to sponsor a child but have never actually taken the time to discuss it. This girl, Kateri, was extremely pleasant, upbeat and professional, and answered all of my questions to a “T”. She seemed to really believe in the work she was doing and it was as though it came from her heart. When she got to my house she had 2 little boys left who needed sponsors and one shared a birthday with me. So I sponsored him. Kateri was an amazing person to be doing this job. Despite me being a bit snappy because of my long day she held her positivity and was extremely professional and patient answering all my questions! She deserves at the very least a pat on the back!

Thank you, Melissa

Jan 2014

Hi there,

I was just visited by a rep in Newfoundland by the name of Erin. I just want to say she was fantastic. I didn’t have questions about the Plan Canada group. But I explained that it was something I wanted to do. I explained I just bought a house so I can’t commit to anything until I know I can afford something. She was very understanding and friendly and the fact that she didn’t try to pressure me into committing and choosing your group. It may sound strange but I like to see how people handle themselves when they are denied or refused. I had a religious group drop by a week ago with information and upon explaining for the delay to answering the door but I was sick in bed. They passed me the information but continued to ask me philosophical questions despite my remarks of I’m sorry but that is too much thinking for me right now. Erin was not like that. She was friendly, personable, trekking in freezing rain conditions, friendly to my animals. I will look for more information when I realize if I can commit once the house is finalized in March. But I’m going to go to her first. Your organization should be very proud to have people like her working for you.

Dec 2013


My name is Drew and I am writing this email in response to having a Plan rep show up to my door. While at this time I did not want to commit to becoming a sponsor, I was very impressed with how Zach conducted his visit with me. I have talked to reps before and know a bit about your organization but after talking the Zach I became much more interested in potentially becoming a sponsor in the future. He described how much impact my daily spare change could have on a child’s life and it was clear to me that Zach, as he went door to door bearing the cold, is very committed to the good your organization is doing. After talking to him, I now plan on researching the organization further and hope to help a child in need in the near future. I hope this feedback has been helpful and has given your organization a chance to hear what a great job Zach is doing!

Thank you! 

Nov 2013


I would like to send some feedback in regards to a visit that I received tonight from James Dean. First things first, when I opened my door... I was completely expecting to be sold something. I enjoyed the fact that James decided to build rapport with me first by asking what I thought about kids and keeping the conversation light. I have some small dogs and they really wanted to get out of the door to meet whoever was outside. James was incredibly nice about their wild barking and even pet one of the dogs. He continued to tell me about why he was at my door today, showed me pictures of 3 small children. Obviously, this evokes an emotional response and you certainly have someone who is able to connect with others emotions. In the end, I told James that I wouldn’t be interested today, simply due to the fact that I devote my extra time and funds to another organization as I am a part of, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and I have been matched with a child for more than 5 years and I am very dedicated to this. I appreciate the fact that he didn’t make me feel bad about this decision and actually said words of encouragement.

James is an incredible door to door sales person. If I could hire him at my business, I would. He is certainly a great asset to your company and believes in what he is doing for your organization. Simply put, he is an inspiration and a breath of fresh (maybe chilly) air.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this feedback,

Oct 2013

To the Wonderful Individuals at Plan,

I am sending you this e-mail to compliment you on a individual who came to my home this afternoon canvassing for the Plan/Because I am a Girl programs. Zach was well-educated, friendly, and extremely passionate about helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Although my family and I think very highly about your program, and have worked along with PLAN at the school in which I teach, we are currently not in a position to sponsor/donate. However, when I return to work after maternity leave, I will undoubtedly be logging on to your website to become a sponsor; and this is due to Zach’s infectious enthusiasm and passion. Keep up all your hard-work and dedication and my family and I look forward to becoming part of your program in the New Year.

Respectfully, Pamela & Family

Sep 2013

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, I answered the door to find your canvasser Jennifer. I’m always very reluctant to speak to canvassers, but there was something about her that encouraged me to talk with her.

She was full of enthusiasm as she discussed becoming a sponsor for a child, how affordable it actually is and that you receive a tax deductible receipt. We spoke at great length about the program and also how she got involved with Plan. I had never heard of your organization before! She was very passionate as she explained everything to me. It really was a pleasure talking to her.

I told her at the beginning, we weren’t able to be a sponsor at this time. Many times canvassers would just walk away, not wanting to “waste” time talking to people that wouldn’t donate.

You are very fortunate to have Jennifer working for you! She was an absolute pleasure to talk to, and she has a personality that draws people to her. I felt you should be made aware of my experience with Jennifer!

Sincerely, Bonny

Aug 2013


I just want to send a kudos to the ladies who came to my house, namely Suzy and C.J. They are such warm and personable people. That is exactly the kind of people Plan Canada needs. I fully support the program, in fact, I am a sponsor myself.


Jul 2013


I was just wanting to send out a special email about Edmund. My husband and I had the delight of him coming to our home yesterday to tell us about Plan! He was FANTASTIC! The best rep we have ever come across, in fact, he is the reason why we decided to become sponsor parents again!!! He was so encouraging, and his enthusiasm about his job was wonderful to see! His passion for the children was evident in everything he talked about, and you can clearly see that this is not just a job for him... but a life saving opportunity! He is so excited to help people realize that they can help save children’s lives and make a difference! HE IS DEFINITELY A KEEPER FOR YOUR CAUSE!

Thanks Edmund for helping us feel passionate again!

Sincerely, Mandy & Matt

Jun 2013

Just a quick note:

I was visited by Joe this evening and I wanted to say that he is definitely doing a fine job representing this organization. His friendly demeanour, and pleasant attitude made it a joy to talk to him. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the organization and was able to answer all the questions I had. He was not pushy, yet not passive. He was dressed appropriately and was able to actively engage in conversation. If every door-to-door canvasser would come with the presentation and professionalism Joe had it would make it much more pleasant to have people appear at the door. I was thoroughly impressed!


May 2013


I just wanted to let you know about the visit I received from Peeyush, one of your canvassers. I very much appreciated his approach. I am involved in similar work with youth and children in a squatter settlement/slum in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. I didn’t sponsor a child the day he came to my door, in light of commitments I’ve already made to the work in which I am directly involved, but there was no guilt trip. In fact there was an interest in what was going on with the projects I am involved with. There was very a much a “we-are-all-on-the-same-team” attitude from him which I appreciated. He was personable, polite, kind to my kids, and I enjoyed my conversation with him. I hope that he is indicative of the kind of people that are throughout your organization. If that is the case than you are in a great position. Wishing you success as you seek to change one life at a time,


Apr 2013

My name is Ricky and I’m from Truro, NS. I wanted to take the time to let you know about how impressed I was with a young woman who came to my door trying to find sponsors for your cause. Her name is Emma. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. All I can say is that it was pretty obvious how much Emma cares about this cause and that she really wants to help make a difference for these children. She was professional, caring, knowledgeable, and has a great personality. She answered my questions and in the end she made a sponsor out of me. I’m now a sponsor for a little boy whose parents are my age and I feel great about it thanks to her. She is incredible.

Thanks for your time.

Mar 2013

Christian came by and I was very impressed with how he presented “Plan”, and went through the details of the projects, locations and how we can help out. His personality was very personal and the approach was not scripted. A welcome approach to see. Even though we were not ready to make a commitment on regular donations, as at the moment, our family donates time over money by helping other non profits, he understood our decision. He did a great job and it is nice to see a professional face. Thank you, and we wish you all the best,

Patrick in Edmonton

Feb 2013

To Whom This May Concern:

Last Wednesday evening I received a knock on my door from a young man by the name of Jesse who is a student at one of the local universities here in the city and who also is a rep with Plan. Jesse asked if I would be willing to sponsor a child with Plan. I informed him that I already sponsor a child through my church and couldn’t really afford to sponsor someone else at the present time. I just wanted to bring his name to your attention because of his sweet spirit and gentle heart. He expressed to me that he would be out canvassing until he got a sponsor for a little girl by the name of “Maria”. My heart was touched because one could see that Jesse actually had a passion for what he was doing and each child seemed to mean so much to him in helping them get a sponsor that he was willing to stay out until someone sponsored little Maria. It was a cold and bitter night and he was determined to find someone for her. I felt so bad that I had turned him down and told him if he didn’t find someone to sponsor her in the next half hour, to come back and I would take her as well, but he was certain that someone would be willing to support this little girl. I am certain that he must have found someone as he did not return. I was so taken by Jesse’s determination that I wanted to share with your organization how wonderful it is to see, young people like Jesse out there making a difference in the lives of these children and having such a great attitude and supporting a cause that we so desperately need. Wherever you are Jesse, may God continue to bless you!

Jan 2013

Hi there,

I just wanted to take some time and acknowledge the representative that came to our house and set us up as sponsors for the Plan Canada program. His name is Mark. My husband was getting ready for work and was kind of rushed but something about Mark’s demeanor and how personable he was made my husband want to hear what he had to say. Mark was very enthusiastic about the program, and really made us see the value in becoming a sponsor. He was very knowledgeable and knew the answers to all of our questions. I can imagine that walking door to door may be a difficult job; and on top of it was absolutely freezing out that day. Mark didn’t complain one bit and only his passion for the program and what he was doing shone through. Again I just wanted to take the time and commend this representative for his dedication and hard work. We look forward to sponsoring our little girl for a long time and thanks to Mark for having the passion and dedication to do his work.

Thanks, Felicia

Mar 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

Last night as I was driving home, I noticed two men walking up Empress Drive in Abbotsford BC around 4:45pm. Approximately 8:15 pm, we had a knock on our door and I opened it to the warm greeting of the same two men. They immediately had a "safe disposition" and it was cold outside, so I invited Shayan and Joseph (Trainee) into our home. While standing in the foyer of our home, we had some small talk and then Shayan presented the purpose of Plan Canada. The entire interaction was no more than 7-9 minutes. At the end of the conversation I requested the name and ID information, because I wanted Plan Canada to know how incredible these men are at greeting, presenting and representing Plan. You may attempt to create Representatives like these men by training, but the fact is that they obviously "get it" and have people skills that have been nurtured throughout their lives. Shayan is an excellent mentor and therefore to have an intelligent person like Joseph with him, quickly duplicates the quality people you have going door to door. I commend you for the high standard of individuals representing Plan Canada. These men were professional, relational, safe, fun, not self-conscious, interested in the home owner, interacted with and took the lead from the reactions of the home owner. Then, they responded in a trusting, courteous, transparent and respectful manner. If my wife and I were not supporting other international educational efforts and sponsoring other children around the world within a designated annual budget, we would have given considerable consideration towards Plan Canada. Your team members going door to door are meeting people who are often looking first for affirmation and a friendly greeting, that they may have not had for days. Also, there are deep personal needs in many homes and a cheerful person is like good medicine.

I sincerely recommend Shayan and his trainee Joseph as high quality Representatives; and, I wanted you to be clearly aware of this fact.



May 2011

Resident Email

Hi, I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what an amazing and dedicated employee you have in Greg Stewart. He came to me house last night, in the pouring rain, and with a smile on his face introduced my kids and I to Plan. We have since signed up to sponsor a girl from the Philippines. I was most impressed with Greg`s enthusiasm for Plan and his willingness to answer all of my girls questions. At no time did he rush our decision or make the repeated questions irritate him. Amazing personable skills!! Please pass along my wonderful experience to all who need to know.

Thank you,


Feb 2010

Paula, who happens to be the Executive VP of Plan Canada, contacted the Feedback line to comment that two representatives did an outstanding job as Plan Canada canvassers when they unknowingly called at her door. She added that they were articulate, polite and gave them "Two thumbs up for their excellent work ethic" and said that "it was a delight to see first-hand what a good job some of the representatives are doing." She can't say enough about the great work they did representing the 'Because I'm a Girl' program and felt they deserved to be "well celebrated", both as TNI Employees and Plan Canada representatives.

Jan 2009

I just wanted to comment on a visit I had from one of your representatives recently. His name is Robert and he was a very pleasant young man. I have been thinking about sponsoring for quite a while now, so I allowed Robert to come inside and tell me more about the program. He explained everything very well, and didn't pressure me what so ever. He was very sincere, and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I didn't want to make a decision without my husband present. Robert was very understanding of this and put no pressure on me to do something I was against. He gave me the website information and explained that after I go over it with my husband I could process it online. After reviewing it with my husband, we decided we wanted to sponsor, and we picked out a little girl from Zimbabwe! I just wanted to let you know how great of a job he did, and because of him I have made a difference in this world. It was a pleasurable experience dealing with him, and if you could let him know I appreciate it that would be wonderful!



Jul 2008

Adam, a new sponsor, contacted the Feedback line due to the fantastic work of Gab. Adam felt Gab was personable, knowledgeable and very approachable. He said 'Kudos to him and Kudos to Plan Canada for the good work they do'. He is looking forward to his welcome package arriving in 2-4 weeks and is very happy to be a new sponsor with Plan Canada.

Mar 2007

Dawn, a resident of High Park called Feedback to compliment the "two most polite gentlemen for door to door." Shawn and Nick really made a connection with her family. "They were really great representatives of Plan. Shawn and Nick were really great to talk to. They didn't try to rush through the conversation and were really sympathetic, genuine, honest guys. This was the most pleasant door to door experience we could ever have."

Apr 2006

Resident Email:

Hello, this e-mail is being sent to forward my compliments on about Jennifer. I was visited by Jennifer in regards to sponsoring a child for the Foster Parents Plan. Although I am not in the position to currently do so, I found that Jennifer's easy-going and caring attitude made her the perfect candidate for making people want to engage in taking actions that will benefit the world. It is usually annoying to have someone knock on your door and ask for money, but this was not the case. Thanks to Jennifer I will definitely consider sponsoring a child when I get back on my feet again.

Thank you,


Feb 2005

An experienced Employee knows that presenting the program in a manner that doesn't pressure the resident will lead to success. Joey was highly commended on the 'respectful, pleasant manner he presented' Foster Parents Plan. The gentleman who called in to the Feedback Line was very happy that Joey 'wasn't pushy, and did a great job!'

Keep up the great work Joey!

Nov 2004

A very emotional compliment was left for Gab on the Feedback Line by a woman moved by his presentation for Foster Parents Plan. The woman started by thanking Gab for the manner he approached her. Since she was reluctant to open the door, Gab took no offence but simply took a step back & held up his canvasser I.D. After Gab had finished introducing himself, she was impressed with how his 'passion for the program' really shone through while he explained all the details. She herself had sponsored a child for 18 years & watched his future blossom as he became a doctor. She is a firm believer in Foster Parents Plan and was most pleased & moved to see young people like Gab representing this organization. She commends Gab & wishes him the best in his future.

You certainly make a difference Gab.