World Vision - Donor Testimonials

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Jul 2016

Hi there,
A couple of days ago I had two representatives from World Vision come to my door, and I had a lovely experience of signing up to support a child in another area of the world. I just wanted to send a message to put in a good word for the representative, Caelum and the other representative with him (I didn’t get her name, but she was also very kind and warm) were extremely positive and welcoming. They were not too pushy or overbearing, just a right level of informing me and being excited about the cause. I have done a job like this before, and I know how difficult and draining it can be, but they acted like I was their first person of the day with tons of energy and excitement. I hope you can say thank you for me to both of these lovely individuals for making this an exciting and rewarding experience.

Thank you so much, Rachel / Guelph, ON

Jun 2016

Hello, Last Thursday, We met Josue who helped us know your organization WORLD VISION better. During his visit to our home. His clear and breezy approach brought us to sponsor a little girl for the coming year and knew how to convince us by his charisma and kindness. This is a person with a beautiful philosophy of life and it was really nice to chat with him. We wish him a bright future and we thank him for helping us know your organization better. This is our first experience and hope will all our hearts that this can help this child. A BEAUTIFUL HELLO Josue and hope to see him again someday!

Saint-Jen-sur-Richelieu, QC

May 2016

Tonight I had two remarkable people knocked on my door I was in a bit of a state with my child getting ready for bed and to be honest most cases I’d say no thank you, but there was something very special about this visit tonight. That I had to actually hear what they had to say. It’s been on my heart for years to help WV but like so many it passes by. These two reps Ken and Ash were very knowledgeable, super fun and made you feel comfortable and at ease explaining and answering any questions or concerns. In today’s world. It’s sometimes scary to trust anyone at your door. These kids were outstanding, and what pulled my heart strings was the passion and love for what they were doing. It seemed to radiant from them. I just wanted to let them know. Thank you for tonight. Keep going. The gifts they have been given are for a great purpose. They are not only helping children, but sowing seeds. Oh and if I win that million, most definitely, I’ll sponsor way more. God bless.

Crysta / Newmarket, ON

Apr 2016

When I answered my doorbell in the early evening on April 27th I had no idea of what or whom to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a lovely young woman named Ashleigh who was promoting child sponsorship through World Vision. Ashleigh was energetic, bubbly, charismatic and very professional. I was captivated by her obvious enthusiasm and spirit for the children she was trying to help. I signed on for a long term sponsorship of two children and I’m very happy with that choice. Ashleigh made the process simple and quite enjoyable. I wanted someone at World Vision to know about my encounter and that it was a pleasure to meet Ashleigh.

Yours truly, Debbie / Calgary, AB

Mar 2016

Hello World Vision Team, I am writing to you today to say thank you for your dedication to ensure less fortunate children in the world have a voice and are not forgotten. This evening, in below zero weather, I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Cheryl from World Vision. Like so many other charities and groups that knock on our door, we have reservations about what they are here to “sell” us. Cheryl has passion, drive and dedication to be the voice of these children. We did not feel as though she was here to “sell” us on the idea of sponsoring a child; she reaffirmed, what we always knew deep down in our soul, we needed to do. Cheryl’s delivery of the message was infectious, and having sponsored children herself, warmed our hearts. We are proud to be part of the World Vision family and look forward to seeing the great milestones the children we have sponsored today will achieve! If there were more Cheryl’s in the world, we truly believe all children can be saved. Keep up the hard work! It is not easy but perseverance will prevail. Thank you for sending Cheryl to us and giving us the opportunity to be part of your family!
Warmest regards, Ray and Enrica / Milton, ON

Feb 2016

I just had the nicest young man come to my door representing World Vision and sponsorship. I explained that we had sponsored for a long time but had to stop when we lost our jobs. With sincere emotion he lit up and thanked me so much for having been sponsors. I have to say you hired one of the best people to ever come to the door. He even high fived me through the screen on my door. That was awesome. I just wanted to say how impressed I was. His name was Ben. He left a bookmark in case our situation ever changed.

Kamloops, BC

Jan 2016

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting one of your representatives in Sarnia,ON. Trevor was great to interact with and clearly has a passion for his work. He took the time to fully explain World Vision sponsorship and answered any questions I had. He was really easy to talk to and I felt comfortable welcoming
him into my home. Although it was late, dark, freezing and snowing; Trevor didn’t complain and seemed to welcome the hardships as long as he was able to help promote World Vision. I chose to sponsor a child tonight, the process didn’t take long at all and Trevor was a great representative of your organization.

Kindest Regards, Tammy
Sarnia, ON

Dec 2015

Hello, so today we had one of the World Vision people come to our door to tell us about your child sponsorship programs, her name was Katerina, and she was absolutely marvelous! We have already been sponsoring children through you guys before (we have done 3 now) and we were looking for a Christmas present for my mom, and my dad doesn’t know too much about WV but Katerina suggested that it would be a fun present to sponsor a child for her for Christmas! So we did just that! I want to thank you for having such a marvelous staff! She explained with more detail to my dad what the program does and made it very easy for my dad to understand. So thank you very very much for such a neat Christmas idea and wonderful staff!


Nov 2015

Hi! This is Nik and Melanie, Kesley came to our door a little over a month ago, and she was so amazing, personable, and hilarious. Her personality was SO impactful to us. We often bring us in conversation the awesome world vision lady that came to our door, and have  recommended others to World Vision, and it’s all thanks to this amazing rep! Thanks to Kesley, we have sponsored two amazing children, and we could not be more thrilled about it. I regrettably told Kesley I would love to grab contact information to give her a good review, and I put it off completely, but it has been on my mind ever since, so I just wanted to get this review out and let you know that KESLEY THOMAS you have some amazing people on your team! Thank you!

Sincerely, Melanie and Nik

Oct 2015

So we just wanted to let you know that despite many attempts, we have never sponsored a child. We’re a family of cynics. I’m sure you’ve already heard every sentence that could follow that. Last night however, Paul achieved the impossible. Despite interrupting our dinner literally our democracy steaks (a time honoured tradition) were going cold, the Jays game was carrying on without us and election results were just getting crazy, we didn’t think to close the door. Paul was honest and knowledgeable. He answered our less than savory questions with concise candor. He quickly understood we wanted details. Who are we helping, how is the help getting there, why them. What happens if it doesn’t work. He never pushed. The facts we laid out and it seemed so clear that this was the right decision. It was impossible for us to walk away. The craziest part though - after all these years of resisting, we’re actually really excited to get to know Niranshana. So, thanks Paul. Great work! Cheers, Candace and Matt.

Sep 2015

Just writing to compliment Dane and another canvasser who came to my door this evening. They were very personable and charming and made a difficult job (cold selling door to door) look easy. They were relaxed and easy going at the same time they handled the very serious subject matter with respect and an appropriate measure of gravity. They are great ambassadors for World Vision. They were very complimentary when I agreed to sponsor a child but I wanted to return the compliment and congratulate them and everyone who goes door to door for World Vision. I am an example of someone who is able and willing to sponsor a child and Whitby needed someone to come to my door to get it done. I thank you for that.

Aug 2015

Hello, I was visited by both of these reps today and I have to say, I have never before met or had the experience of encountering two young men that better embody what making the world a better should feel like. They were funny, kind, compassionate and never once caused me to feel uncomfortable or guilty even though I had to ask Breton to come back on another day. It could easily be a negative experience, having someone at your door to discuss child poverty. Guilt and negativity are too often used as levers to try and muscle people into helping, in this transaction it simply wasn’t the case. I not only felt reassured that “my” World Vision child’s life would be improved by such a nominal monthly amount, but that my own life would be bettered by the satisfaction of doing something about their suffering. Thank you for helping me make the right decision in a most painless and enjoyable encounter at my front door!
Sincerely, Donna

Jul 2015

Let me start by saying that you have a wonderful canvasser in Jessica B. She is very friendly, smart and knowledgeable about the World Vision charity. During her visit in my home she explained everything clearly about how the program works and about mine and the organizations responsibilities. She is a very easy person to talk to and I found myself interacting very easily about several other topics with her. She is a very confident and outgoing young woman and has a great ability to make people very at ease. If all canvassers, that visited me, had her qualities I would most likely go broke from all the donations I would be giving out. Do not lose her she is a tremendous asset to your organization.
Thank you Jessica.


Jun 2015

Hi! While I am disappointed that I am not able to financially support World Vision at this juncture in my life (new home, running a registered charity of my own, senior dog needing care, etc.), I do have to say that Breton was a joy to have knocking on our door tonight. I asked some very difficult questions that have, in the past, stumped a lot of non-profit organizations’ staff members. He answered them with grace, enthusiasm, and a lot of charm. It was one of the more difficult things to do to say no. I support wholeheartedly what WV is doing for kids and their communities. I respect that the funds being raised are going to the community vs a single family, especially to alleviate animosity among neighbors. I love that Breton was able to answer that fluidly and unapologetically. Many organizations would want donors to believe that the monies were solely going to the kids. Again, it breaks my heart that I can’t help. I have a number of friends who would rather support a children’s organization vs an animal one, so I have passed the website and the stories of the two children he presented to us over to them. I’m hoping this proves fruitful. Should the time ever come in the very near future that we can contribute in more than just Representative Feedback, we will be in touch.
God bless, Kari

May 2015

I’m writing to write a review for Subi Mamat. I had the wonderful experience of talking to Subi about sponsoring a child. He was very friendly and super knowledgeable about how everything works, he answered all my questions without hesitating. He also had all the information for me too look at on his Ipad and also carried pictures and bio’s of children I could sponsor. He was very pleasant to speak with and he is an asset to your team. Since being a younger woman at home it’s very nice that he was dressed nice and wearing a world vision name tag so I know it’s okay to open the door and he made me very comfortable. In conclusion Subi Mamat is an asset you your team and gives it all he’s got while going door to door. Subi is the best World Vision worker I have ever experienced.
Thanks, Kirsten

Apr 2015

Earlier this evening one of your representatives, Prabh, knocked on my door and informed about World Vision and its goals and services. Unfortunately, my family is not in a position to sponsor a child, however, I did want to let you know that it was a pleasure to have Prabh’s stop by. He was a very kind, funny and informed, he chatted with my little girl and offered her stickers when she came curiously to the door. He was a no pressure representative and chatted with me for about 5-10 minutes. Overall he did a great job of representing your organization and I am sad that I am unable to sponsor a child at this time. In the future, solely because of Prabh, I will consider sponsoring a child when we are able to do so, especially when my daughter gets to an age where she might benefit from having a pen-pal on the other side of the world.
Cheers, Sherri

Mar 2015

This message is directed to a World Vision representative, Patience. I was visited by one of your team members last evening Monday March 16th. A young man by the name of Connor. We had a lengthy in depth discussion on how your sponsorship works and the benefits provided to those in need. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and comfortable answering whatever questions were posed to him. He was quite prepared to take whatever time was necessary to provide me with any information that he or I felt was relevant. A very professional congenial approachable young man with the best interest of World Vision as his primary objective during our conversation. I felt it is imperative when interacting with individuals doing their very best at the task at hand they should be commended and acknowledged for a job very well done. I also wanted to make note of the fact that it was rather late in the evening and he continued to smile and present himself in an excellent manner. In my opinion Connor is without a doubt an asset to your organization. If at all possible could I ask that this gets passed along to Connor and whomever you believe is deemed appropriate in terms of his management team.

Sincerest regards, Debbie

Feb 2015

Hi there! I just wanted to write and say what a great experience we had when Prabh visited our home this evening to canvas for World Vision. He seems like a really REALLY great guy and appears to love what he’s doing helping out such a wonderful organization. He was extremely courteous, funny, interacted with our animals, asked about “US” (my husband and myself) as people, what our interests were, that kind of thing. It didn’t feel like a sales pitch, but more like friends talking to friends about a great cause. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job he’s doing, especially braving these cold, Winnipeg winters! Very pleased with him, and I think he deserves a good old pat on the back! We ended up sponsoring a little girl tonight because of him.

Best Wishes, Cindy and Jeff

Jan 2015

Hi there,

I just wanted to give feedback on representative Prabh. I normally don’t answer home solicitations but as it was around -30 outside I let him in to warm up. Prabh was so well spoken, kind, well-mannered, eloquent and passionate about World Vision that I ended up sponsoring a child myself. So I just wanted to let you know what a great job this fine young man is doing, while working hard in the unforgiving Winnipeg winter temperatures!

Thank you and best wishes, Jessica

Dec 2014

A welcome meeting at my front door! Good morning World Vision, I am writing to remark on the quality of the representatives your charity sends to the doors of neighborhoods like mine! In particular I wish to praise the character of one particular young woman that appeared at my door on the evening of December 1st. Over the course of time each of us meets many people at our front doors soliciting donations of time and money for many worthwhile causes. Most are eager volunteers without experience or particular skill at the job. They often appear overly practiced, tense, and even slick. Your representative was a surprising and welcome exception. She told me her name was Chelsea and her number is 195-184996. She was a person clearly comfortable in her own skin and calling. It was like talking to a favored neighbor at my door. Few would be able to represent your cause in such an appealing manner as she did. I already have a number of commitments on my time and finances so I could not support your cause but if I were to, it would be mostly because of people like Chelsea and not necessarily the reputation of the charity they serve. It’s the face-to-face meetings that count the most in soliciting support and I wanted to let you know that when it comes to the folks that represent your charity to the public, you have a winner in Chelsea.

Nov 2014

On November 21st, I was visited by one of your representatives Yvette. I wanted to you know the wonderful job Yvette is doing for World Vision. I havenever met someone so passionate in helping children. At first I was hesitant, as I have never had World Vision knock on my door before. Yvette was very patient with me and answered all my questions with ease. Her words and passion brought tears to my eyes. My only sadness is that Roland and I couldonly sponsor one child. I would like to thank her so much for coming to my door on such a cold night. Yvette called me an angel for helping, but she is thetrue angel. She told me her goal was to help every one of the children with her and I know she will. Words cannot express how her visit has changed me and my family for the better.


Oct 2014

Hello, I just had a visit with Olmine that will change my life. She made it possible for me to sponsor two beautiful children. Through her kindness, her gentleness, her time, she answered many of my questions about World Vision that I do not really know. This allowed me to fulfill a dream or to allow me to “have” children. A very big thank you to you Olmine! I wish you to continue as long as you’re going to be in this work, because you’re perfect and we feel very much that you love these children.

Good luck to you! Melanie, kisses xxx

Sep 2014

Good morning, I’d like to thank one of your representative who was out in Bowmanville area, Ontario on Tuesday, Sept.23rd. I think Josh is doing a great job explaining the Child Support program and encouraging people like myself to sign in for it. Thank you for helping people to make someone’s life better and make a little difference in the big world. I’ve signed up for a sponsorship of two kids as I’d like to teach my daughter that there are lots of children in different countries that are less fortunate and need help as I’d like her to learn how to share, support and care for others. Hopefully, our support will help these two kids to make their life better. I’m wishing Josh and your organization success & all the best. Thank you for making a difference!


Aug 2014

I am writing to say Thank you for sending Galen to my home. I normally shut the door at people when they’re coming for fundraising, or anything like this but Galen was different. He has a warm smile, & a nice tone in his voice. It seemed to me that he actually cares about these kids and he’s not just doing this job to make money. He’s a very nice young man and I did not mind inviting him into my home. He has a very honest face and I had no doubts about him or his intentions. I think World Vision is very lucky to have such a great young man on the team and Galen will go very far helping these kids of given the right opportunity. I am a business owner myself and understand the importance of valued team members. I nominate Galen for team member of the year! He was the first person in 10 years to get me to sign up for anything by door to door canvassing. What a great guy!

 Thank you! Shantell M. S.

Jul 2014

Good afternoon, I felt the need to once again forward my feedback to you with regards to the fundraising representative for your organization that I had the pleasure to meet last week (Dustin). I don’t know what your screening process is but your organization needs to be commended. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting some of the finest young adults the last two years in a row from your organization. Very professional, personable and knowledgeable. In my opinion your organization has been very successful in recruiting some of the brightest most personable representatives I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Although I didn’t sponsor a child because of other commitments to charity organizations that hit closer to home for our family I will tell you should I ever get to the point where I can support additional groups World Vision would be at the top of the list. Dustin along with a few others I have met in the past are great representatives/ambassadors for your organization. Job well done!

Sincerely, Darlene

Jun 2014

I just want to compliment World Vision on the quality of people they are able to attract for their fundraising in the Child Sponsorship door to door campaign. I had the pleasure this week to be approached by Marc at my home in Halifax and was extremely impressed with both the knowledge and passion he had for helping the underprivileged children in this world. He combined his knowledge with a little humour to create a very relaxed atmosphere which made me want to stay at the door and get my questions and concerns answered. In the end he was able to get me to appreciate the need to help in some small way despite the magnitude of this global challenge and I did commit to supporting a child. If all canvassers were fortunate enough to have his relaxed efficient manner, your fund raising concerns would be greatly diminished.

Thanks, Jim

May 2014

Hello to you! I would like to share my comments following the visit by one of your World Vision representatives. It was Nouhoum. This gentleman came to my home on May 20th to speak to me about World Vision and asked me to sponsor a child. I must tell you that I found this person very polite and very respectful. The coherence of his words and his conviction to your organization convinced me to sponsor a child. I believe that you have found in this person an excellent candidate in the pursuit of humanitarian goals. If you have the opportunity, convey my greetings.

Please accept my best wishes.


Apr 2014

On Thursday, 17 April, I was on my way home, in the south end of Halifax, NS, and happened to be on the same bus as your canvassers. I was close enough to hear their conversation but didn’t realize then that they were working for World Vision. As it happened, we all got off the bus at the same time and headed down the same street. They continued to talk, and I, a few feet ahead of them, finally turned around to tell them that theirs was one of the most interesting conversations I’d heard on a bus (or anywhere else, really) in a long time. We continued to walk a ways together, continuing the conversation as we went, and ultimately went our separate ways. What I want to tell you, and what I would appreciate your passing on, is that both Zach and Graham are extremely articulate, pleasant, well-informed, and excellent representatives of World Vision. I am not a regular World Vision sponsor, as I tend to support other charities that have great meaning to me, though I have on a few occasions used the World Vision Christmas catalog online to make meaningful, interesting gifts to friends and family. Were I not already satisfied in my own charitable decisions for 2014, it’s entirely possible that Zach and Graham might persuade me to take a closer look at World Vision. Choosing them was a wise move on the part of whoever recruited them, and whatever training they’ve been provided clearly has been enhanced by their own innate ability. I told them when we parted that I’d write to World Vision to tell you what excellent representatives they are and asked whether they’d actually get to hear that I had done so, and whether their supervisor/manager would also get this message. Zach suggested that I make note of his canvasser number, assuring me that this would ‘tag’ them both, as they work together, which I have done. I hope they both get to do more for World Vision than just door-to-door canvassing, which is a hard slog anyhow. Having spent more than a dozen years in non-profit development & PR myself, I can tell you that both of these young men have the ability to do much more for you.

Regards, Bobbi

Mar 2014

Hi, I am just writing a quick email to tell you that I just had the privilege of meeting your Rep named Josh. It was a great experience and he was very knowledgeable and personable, and was able to answer all of my questions and provide me with even greater insight as to where your sponsorship dollars go when you sponsor a child through World Vision. Despite it being absolutely freezing outside today he was cheerful and very passionate about helping children and hope that all of your other door-to-door reps are as great as Josh was. I am a firm believer in giving recognition where it is due and he is doing a great job! Wishing everyone all the best and hoping that you can pass along to him what a good job that he is doing and that I wish him well and thank him for his efforts on behalf of children all over the world that he is helping!

Sincerely, Jeff

Feb 2014

Good evening,

I just had one of your representatives at my door, Josh. He was very friendly and personable while also strongly expressing his passion for World Vision and the good that you do as an organization. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to give on my own as money is extremely tight as a student. From Josh, however, I felt the urgency of these poverty-stricken children he came around with and I will work to relay the message to family members on my own. I felt that I needed to express the good that Josh is doing for your organization and I hope that people like him are recognized. Normally, I am weary of anyone coming door-to-door, but your representative proved me very wrong. Thank you for reading over my feedback.

Sincerely, Brooke

Jan 2014

I would like to thank Billy and Kristian for making a huge impact on me today. On this freezing cold night they were so passionate about what they do, and gave great explanations about World Vision. I look forward to meeting my child and making a difference.

Thank you,


Dec 2013

Hello there!

I just wanted to take this time to let you all know how lucky you are to have a wonderful representative like Daverill Roach bringing your message to our door. He visited houses in my neighbourhood and I am very happy that he came to my door and gave me the opportunity to sponsor a child from my country Honduras through World Vision. I have seen World Vision commercials many times and I have thought we should really do this one day but time is not on our side and will be busy once again with our daily routine. I feel that this door to door method of getting your message out about sponsorship is fantastic. Daverill was so very polite and he expressed the World Vision message in a wonderful way without being pushy, he helped us as a family understand what it is to be part of helping a child and the child’s family and community. His information was clear. His positive presence and smile make you want to smile too! We really enjoyed his visit. I hope you realize how lucky World Vision is to have someone like Daverill representing you. My son Noah is very happy and looking forward to communicating with his friend as he calls him already from Honduras and us as well; we`re happy to support, help and learn more about him too. It warms our hearts to know that for such a small amount of money per month we can truly affect change in a person’s life and by doing so they touch our lives as well and for that we say thank you very much to Daverill for stopping at our home on a very cold day and help us to make a difference in another person’s life. We really look forward to sending cards and letters and little gifts to our sponsor child.


C. K. family

Nov 2013

Madame, Monsieur, Je vous écris pour vous faire part de mon admiration envers M. Nouhoum Doumbia. Si on m’avait dit hier que je parrainerais un enfant, j’aurais répondu que c’était malheureusement impossible, pas en ce moment en-tout-cas. Mais la belle énergie de Nouhoum m’a donné envie d’écouter ce qu’il avait à me dire. Cet homme parle avec son c?ur, simplement. Et devant notre hésitation et nos désaccords (entre moi et mon conjoint) sa réaction a été parfaite. Il nous a donner le temps d’en discuter sans nous mettre de pression ou de culpabilité. Sa chaleur humaine est contagieuse et je suis contente qu’il aie croiser notre route, car grâce à lui le petit Joyce et sa famille auront peut-être la vie un peu plus facile!

Merci pour ce que vous faites. Patricia

Translation: Madam, Sir, I am writing to you to express my admiration towards Mr. Nouhoum Doumbia. If someone had told me yesterday that I would sponsor a child, I would have answered that it was unfortunately impossible, not currently in-any-case. But Nouhoum’s beautiful energy made me want to listen to what he had to say. This man speaks with his heart, simply. And during our hesitation and our disagreements (between me and my husband) his reaction was perfect. He gave us time to discuss without pressure or guilt. His warmth is contagious and I am pleased that he crossed our path, because thanks to him the child and his family may have life a little easier!

Thanks for what you do. Patricia

Oct 2013


My name is Steven, I am a new and first time donor. My canvasser’s name was Victoria. I wanted to leave a comment regarding Victoria’s service. Victoria was extremely friendly, very well-spoken, and easy to understand when she was explaining the donation program, things such as methods of payment, where the money would be going, as well as, how my money will enhance the lives of the sick children. After speaking with Victoria, I was truly encouraged to donate to help the cause. She informed me that she was new to the job, but she seemed extremely comfortable and was refreshingly friendly. Victoria is a very charming woman and I am sure that with her customer service you will receive plenty of donors.

Thank You, Steven

Sep 2013

Kindly pass along our sincere thanks to Jessica for her genuine and enthusiastic presentation to this sponsor.

A Donor called in feeling very inspired, she advised that Jessica Bruce came to her on the street around 8:00pm. She advised that she was very enthusiastic, and energetic even after a long day and she was very engaged in the conversation, she made a human conversation. The rep shared her passion and what World Vision is developing and she said she was very professional and not pushy. She also advised that she already sponsored with World Vision and thought she could not sponsor another child especially for also sponsoring with other organizations, but she felt so inspired by this rep after not being pushed by her in any way that she sponsored an additional child. She also mentioned that even if she didn’t sponsor a child, she would have walked away very pleased but the conversation she had with her really helped her decision to sponsor this additional child. She wanted to provide that feedback and she said to also add she was an amazing representative.

Aug 2013


This is Tonielle. Martina (Fejzic Vranjalic) was just at my house in Port Alberni and she was amazingly friendly, and always had a smile on her face. I’ve had people come to my door for sponsorship with World Vision before but never joined at the time. But I really believe Martina’s great welcoming attitude was what made it right for me to join today. I am looking forward to sponsoring a child. My children are already drawing up pictures so they can send them to Gladys.

Thank you,


Jul 2013

Hello World Vision,

I have encountered Carly Lam on Monday, July 15, and joined your monthly donation program right after. I just want to briefly mention her great ability to communicate with and persuade people to contribute to this program. Carly appeared to be very confident, outgoing, and kind, as well as that she really made me feel like we know each other already. It was because of this that I would be willing to join the program immediately, and happily. Hope you are all working very well helping those children, and I would like to visit whoever my donation is assigned to in the near future. But until then, credits to Carly, and carry on good people!

Best regards, Sidney H.

Jun 2013

Good Morning,

Yesterday, a lovely, kind and gracious young lady named Kateri Lawson came to my door in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on behalf of World Vision. She eloquently and kindly spoke of the needs and work of World Vision. I was so taken by her and her drive and determination of assisting the world’s helpless and those in need, that I decided to sponsor a child from India. I am writing to tell you that this young lady is a spark-plug for your organization and should be recognized and used to the fullest of positions within your world class organization. Your organization will only benefit from Kateri’s kind heart and salesmanship talents.

God Bless, Stacey

May 2013

Good Day,

Just wanted to fire off a quick email about Zach O’Keefe, as he visited my house the other day looking for sponsors. I’m not usually one that tolerates anyone visiting my door attempting to sell me something, but his charming personality won me over in little time and I allowed him to explain to me why he knocked on my door. Although due to a recent job loss I wasn’t able to become a sponsor, I thought someone should know how clearly dedicated he is to this cause, his eyes lit up when speaking about all the good World Vision does and what kind of impact it can have on someone’s life, he’s exactly the type of person you want representing an organization such as World Vision, a true humanitarian.

Thanks, Robyn

Apr 2013

Just wanted to thank Martina Fejzic Vranjalic for coming to our house last night. We have wanted to sponsor a child for some time, and it seemed like fate that she arrived at our door. We are excited to begin this journey for our two little girls, who will make a connection with another little girl across the world. Martina was so personable and informative, and my daughter really took a liking to her. We even snapped a photo together to commemorate the event! Thank you World Vision and Martina for all that you do!

Sincerely, Heather

Mar 2013

I hope this is the right place to give feedback on the young lady who came to my door last night. It was around 8pm on a cold winter night here in Saskatchewan and I had just gotten my 4 week old down and was weirded out that someone would be ringing my doorbell at that time. Not really impressed as I was home alone because my husband was on nights I unlocked and opened my front door. There stood a   were...”I’m not here trying to sell you anything...”. The second she told me she was with World Vision I was excited. My husband and I had been discussing sponsorship while I was expecting but never knew (or took the time) to look into how and where to get involved. She showed me a few pictures of those in most urgent need, but also explained that I could choose to find a child that was closer to my daughter’s age or from a specific area. I knew those in the photos she had were most in need so I chose Oscar. And to top it off as we were finishing the information and payment stuff she told me I could have the letters addressed to my new daughter Olivia. I guess what I am saying is I hate phone calls and door to door salesmen but I think this is a great way to open up your sponsorship options to lazy, but well intentioned, people like me. The rep that showed up on my door was excited (even referred to me as a superhero to her contact on the phone) and instantly made me forget how much I hate door to door sales people. She mentioned that I could use the bookmark she gave me to give feedback and thought, like I said before I can be lazy when it comes to getting online, I thought making a point to tell you about how great she was, WAS worth this new mom’s time! My rep’s name was Suzy Deane and she is a super hero to brave this weather and the job of going door to door to make MY day. I’m excited and feel great about finally being a sponsor!!!!


Feb 2013

Dear World Vision,

Today my husband and I became sponsors of a little boy in Cambodia named Pheara. The representative who came to our door, Nick Douglas, was wonderful. He not only got us interested in sponsoring Pheara but was able to answer all of our questions. He made some amazingly valid points which made it impossible for us, morally, not to sponsor a child. We knew of World Vision as our Church and my husband’s Grandparents both sponsor through your organization. We had spoken about sponsoring but when I researched the website I was still unsure. Having Nick come and talk to us put us at ease with sponsoring as there was a personal touch and we could have a conversation about what the organization was trying to do. He was very friendly, inviting, and personable. Our current method is that we want to sponsor a child for every child our family has. Now that we are sponsoring Pheara we have reached our goal to balance out our only son. Not only did Nick make us want to sponsor Pheara today to balance out Jeremy but he inspired us to want to sponsor through World Vision in the future should our family gain more children. We greatly look forward to sponsoring Pheara in the upcoming years and thank you for all of the great work that your organization is doing through helping children in need. Best of luck and God bless in your future endeavors, Akia

Jan 2013

We recently had the pleasure of Walid Mohamad visiting our home. He brought great knowledge and enthusiasm about the World Vision program. We have discussed sponsoring a child in the past although never moved forward until he came to our home today. Someone with the knowledge and experience and positive attitude is what made us decide to sponsor a child. All of the questions we had were answered and we are looking forward to the correspondence we will have with the little boy we sponsored. A huge thank you to Walid & World Vision for trying to help these children. There needs to be more caring people in this world like him and we feel that he is a valuable person to not only World Vision but these children!

Great job, Pam & Kirk.

Apr 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your world vision canvasser Walid. I have had many canvassers come to my door but have never been truly inspired as I had been by Walid's words , his bright smile positive attitude and passion towards his work for world vision moved my family and I. Walid had 3 children left for sponsorship that evening and we let our 8 year old daughter decide, she picked a little girl from Africa and slept with her picture by her bedside that night wondering about what it was like in her world and how exciting it would be to write to her from so far away. The next day she shared this with her classroom at school. My sister contacted me the next day and relayed that she also met Walid and sponsored a child from Costa Rica. We both talked about how moving and wonderful it was to meet Walid and how good he made us feel about sponsorship. We know we made a wonderful decision to sponsor a little girl this week. We would like to take this opportunity to wish Walid all the very best, we are truly fortunate for having opened the door and allowed him to share the wonderful things child sponsorship has to offer. World Vision is fortunate have such a young strong leader on their side. All the best God bless. Lisa Emanuel and Brianna

Nov 2011

To whom it may concern, I just signed up to sponsor two children and I feel amazing. The rep, Jay Barban, that helped me was wonderful and he was informative, passionate and extremely personable. I have always wanted to sign up and sponsor a child but never ended up calling, but having Jay Barabn approach me, having a face to face conversation was extremely helpful. I look forward to building a relationship with my new sponsor children.

Thanks again and Jay was amazing! Lindsay

Jul 2011

Good morning,

Chris stopped by my house last night as part of his efforts to find sponsors for disadvantaged children. Chris made a wonderful impression - he is personable and clearly dedicated to this work. He did an excellent job of explaining the child sponsorship program and provided a considerable amount of useful information on World Vision. I had considered myself very familiar with this organization, but learned a great deal over the course of Chris' visit. I almost never invite "strangers" who come to my door into my house, preferring to conduct any business at the door, but my sense of Chris' sincerity and trustworthiness led me to invite him in and I am pleased that I did. I should also mention that I indicated early in the discussion that I would sponsor a child and Chris could very easily have left much sooner to continue his work, but took the time to ensure that everything was clear and correct and that I was comfortable with the details. I meet many young people in my work and I have to say that my encounter with Chris will be with me for a long time, indeed. He is an outstanding representative for World Vision.

Jan 2011

We have been watching World Vision programming on television for years and often thought it was a great idea, however, we had 6 children of our own and put our resources into raising and educating them. Selfish, maybe, but they were our priority and responsibility. They are now all out in the world, responsible for themselves, and still we sat and listened to the pleas and did not respond. Earlier this week we had a visit from Chris. His enthusiasm, dedication, and persuasiveness were more than enough to persuade us to do the right thing and support World Vision. It was enlightening to listen to his presentation and feel the sincerity in his words. Thanks to Chris and to World Vision for the work that you are doing. We are looking forward to hearing of the improvements our modest donation can make to a disadvantaged child.


Michael & Leona.

Feb 2010

I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know a door to door representative you have chosen for World Vision is outstanding. I was speaking with Rebecca on Saturday evening. She was more than understanding with my "phobia" of door to door solicitations after I explained the couple of bad experiences I had. Rebecca was astute enough to realize I am interested in helping, but I will not give out my information to anyone at my door. Unlike other representatives I have met she did not keep pressuring me into a commitment but gave me a pamphlet so I could sponsor a child on my own terms. If there was more representatives like this I can guarantee your sponsorships would increase. I have passed the phone number for World Vision onto everyone in my address book.

Thank you for choosing the right people.


Jun 2009

We had one of your reps come to our door some weeks ago. If it hadn't been for me donating 10% of my take home pay (yes I do that, year after year for 35 years now), I would have considered adopting a needy child in Africa! I really enjoyed my chat at the door with your rep, Jillian. She was informed, pleasant and warm. After talking with her, I hoped that there were others out there who don't give, or don't give enough who might be willing to share your cause. Just wanted to let you know that it seems to be more effective to have someone come to your door than T.V. advertising your cause. Its old fashioned yes, but maybe those are the measures needed.

Jan 2009

Resident Email:

Last night, a young lady named Samantha came by our house and told us all about the World Vision program and sponsoring a child. Even our 9yr old son, Nicholas, was listening to what she had to say. After spending approximately 30 minutes with us and answering all of our questions, Nicholas is now taking $1.00 a week out of his allowance to sponsor a boy his age, Hacen Sidi, from Mauritania. We are very proud of our son for wanting to do this. Samantha was telling us everything this program does and she was a pleasure to have come to our door on that Tuesday, January 6th. Thank you Samantha for making a difference in our home and in our son, Nicky.

Jul 2008

Resident Email:

I don't often do this but I wanted to take a moment to write in praise of a young man who came to my door this week. When I realized he was soliciting for World Vision, I told him I already sponsor three children and couldn't possibly do any more. He insisted on shaking my hand and thanking me profusely. We had a great chat about World Vision and the joys of child sponsorship and when he departed he left me with a child sponsorship form, even though I insisted I had nobody to give it to. Well, to make a long story short, I stared at that form on my kitchen table for a few days and I realized I couldn't bear to just throw it out. So I signed up to sponsor another child, a Hope Child, a 13-year-old girl from Rwanda. I can't wait to meet her. The rep's name is Craig and he was fabulous.

Thanks so much for this new blessing in my life.


Feb 2008

Resident Email:

I've always been interested in sponsoring a child, I've seen many commercials and had it in mind, but never went about looking more into it. When Jesse came knocking on my door today, I couldn't refuse. He's a very inspiring person and I'm very excited to be getting involved. I plan to write to my sponsored child and eventually in the future make my way to visiting him! I'd like to help make a difference with this organization. Thanks so much for this opportunity!


Oct 2007

Resident Email:

"We received a visit from David. We (my husband and I) were so impressed by his own experience on a Peace Keeping mission we asked him to come back when our two 14 year old daughters were home so they could hear a little bit about his stories and not worry so much about their I-pods, etc. We are a family that tries to focus on an attitude of gratitude and sometimes we all get a lost in how lucky we are to live in Canada. It was refreshing to listen to David and because of his young age our girls actually did listen to him. Randy and I sponsored a little girl in Thailand and our daughters took on their own little girl, also in Thailand. Thank you so much for providing this avenue for us to help!"

Feb 2007

Resident email:

Hello. I met with one of your representatives today, Greg. I just wanted to comment on his outstanding job with representing everything your program is about. He was very informative and defiantly knew what he was talking about. He was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable about the situation. I have always thought about helping out or giving back somehow to the community and with my first hand knowledge of third world countries and all they need, I'm glad to finally get involved in such a great organization and I will do my best to help out any way I can.

Thank you,


Apr 2006

Resident Letter:

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am writing to tell you about meeting one of your representatives, 'Errol'. For lack of better wording, I was literally blown away by him; what an incredible gentleman! He came to our home around 7pm on March 6th, and to be honest my first thought was 'here we go, another solicitor!' I opened the door to a young man beaming with enthusiasm, and passion for this very worthwhile cause. Not only was he very informative, but also very knowledgeable, explaining about himself and his upbringing in Jamaica. He spent roughly an hour here, and at the end of our meeting I was sorry he had to go. He opened our eyes to the problems children in third world countries face, more so than any TV commercial or newspaper ad. Because of Errol, I am proud to say that I am a World Vision sponsor. Thank you for sending this outstanding young man to our home.

Mar 2005

An elderly woman called in to the Feedback line with a compliment that shows just how wonderful Alex is. She said 'this young man was absolutely excellent! He did a superb job and reminded me how important the work that World Vision does, is!' The woman understood the long term commitment involved in sponsoring a child and so chose not to sponsor due to her failing health. She is heading into her nineties. Instead she decided to make a contribution in the form of a cheque to the Tsunami relief fund, to show her appreciation to World Vision. She was happy that 'it was a wonderful experience'

Resident Email:

Yesterday we were visited by Rob and Ramon encouraging us to sponsor one or more children. We had done so in the past and finally stopped due to some communication difficulties that really annoyed us. These two young men were straightforward, charming and clearly very adept salesmen. They suggested we think it over and they would stop by later in the evening, hopefully to sign us up. We have now signed up to once again sponsor a child. These two young men were frank enough to admit that some people have experienced similar difficulties and although they couldn't assure us a 'problem free' future, they suggested World Vision had improved it systems and politely encouraged us to undertake sponsoring a child. These two young men are a credit to your organization but being young, they will undoubtedly move on. However, while they are with you they certainly deserve kudos for their work.


Steve and Erina

Nov 2004

Being a great Agent means being professional, upbeat very accommodating. Crystal made a huge positive impact on Darlene from Calgary who was amazed at the lengths that Crystal went to, in order to accommodate her busy schedule. Darlene says 'Crystal was so awesome! She came to my home on two different occasions, then once even to my business to work around my schedule!' She wanted Crystal to receive the credit she deserves and also says ' thank you for your diligence to me & your commitment to the World Vision program!' Because of Crystal's amazing work here, Darlene actually sponsored 4 children and is very excited to get started. Crystal this is some amazing work you've done here.

Jun 2003

Michael Dupont of Gatineau wrote a message on the bottom of his World Vision sponsorship form. He wanted World Vision to know that he was very impressed to see them gaining awareness and sponsors through door to door contact. He felt this was very efficient method of gaining sponsors. The charity was well represented by Robin, who left a positive impression with Michael.