World Wildlife Fund - Donor Testimonials

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Jul 2016

A resident of Pitt Meadows contacted the Feedback line to compliment Michael for being so helpful while canvassing on behalf of World Wildlife Fund adding, “Mike is a really interesting young man. His presentation was amazing; it was a pleasure dealing with him.”

Pitt Meadows, BC

Jun 2016

Hi there, this is just feedback commenting on a door-to-door rep we had today (we live in the SW). I’d like to comment that Arian was a friendly rep to talk to. He informed us about WWF’s cause in detail, and even though afterwards we mentioned that we only primarily donate through internet within our own home, he was respectful of that and did not press us like a door-to-door salesman. We ended up donating within our own local home internet as usual, but it was only because this message reached us through Arian. Thank you.

Calgary, AB

May 2016

A resident of Coquitlam contacted the Feedback line to relate that Kamalpreet was a lovely canvasser who represented the World Wildlife Fund well. She went on to say that Kamalpreet had a very positive canvassing approach and was a real sweetheart.

Coquitlam, BC

Apr 2016

Hi, I’d like to take the time and write your organization a quick note regarding your employee Brock. He was very professional at my door and informed me of the work he was doing and as well what the organization is doing to help animals around the world. I commend you on this journey and wish at this time I could have contributed. Our family donates a lot of money to the school our children go to and maybe in the near future we may be led to helping you out. Right now an extra monthly contribution is not in the plan for us, however that’s not to say that will change later. Thank you for having people like him on your team and organization, His kindness and understanding to our situation makes me feel better knowing I can answer my door and at least hear the great news people like Brock and your company are out there providing a great help in a world that sure could use it. All the best and hopefully we may help in the future.

Thanks George / Surrey, BC

Mar 2016

A canvasser named Brock came to our home two evenings ago asking us to donate to WWF to help animals. While we love animals very much and would be pleased to help them, we just can’t afford to commit to a program like yours. We are truly saddened about this. In August 2015 our beloved McDuff, a Belgian Schipperkes, went to heaven at the age of 17. Our hearts are still broken and we miss him so very much. We
are considering fostering another older dog who needs a home. We are older and realize that would be best for us. We both do not agree with shooting or any type of cruel behaviour toward any animal. However we wanted you to know that Brock, although dedicated to this project, really understood our situation and did not push us or make us feel anything other than pleased to have met him and learn about WWF. And it was raining while he took the time to stand outside and explain WWF to us. Brock was kind, clear, pleasant and just a nice young man. We think it’s important that your company knows about him and his positive attitude. A truly enthusiastic representative of your company. We plan to send in a small donation sometime in the next month.
Surrey, BC